Vol. 10, No. 1• November 2005

Nothing but silence

by Ashley, age 12

People all around me
Calling out my name
But no I cannot hear them
For my heart is filled with shame

Nothing but silence

But only till the break of dawn
Will I be feeling sad
For wandering out on the streets
Are my birth mom and dad

Why’d she do this to her and me
With this we’ll have to cope
But while she’s clean you never know
There still could be hope

But in the perfect world I know
There’s no harmful stuff
But now I’ve come to realize
It’s just a bunch of bluff

Nothing but silence

Sitting by the window sill
A tear rolls down my cheek
Although it hurts I can’t express
My heart is just too weak

Nothing but ache

It’s funny what one pill can do
To a mother or a kid
And now I know that for a fact
I won’t do what she did

Nothing but ache

Now I live a better life
And drugs…I wouldn’t dare
Away from all the harmful things
With a family who cares

Nothing but love

I know it hurts, it sure hurt me
And that’s why I’ll remain drug free

Nothing… but hope


Copyright 2005 Jordan Institute for Families