About Our Sponsors
The following organizations are involved in the development and production of Fostering Perspectives because they want to improve the quality of foster care in North Carolina.

North Carolina Division of Social Services

The Division provides funding and direction to this publication as part of its commitment to serving the families and children of North Carolina.

Family and Children's Resource Program The Resource Program coordinates and produces this publication as part of its efforts to improve the lives of families and children.
Jordan Institute for Families, UNC-CH School of Social Work The parent organization of the Resource Program, the Jordan Institute exists to provide leadership to support and strengthen families through education, public service, and research.
North Carolina Foster and Adoptive Parent Association The North Carolina Foster Parents Association contributes to the development of this publication as part of its mission to promote quality foster and adoptive services through collaborative advocacy, education, resources, and networking.
SaySo (Strong Able Youth Speaking Out) SaySo, a group of teens working to improve the substitute care system, contributes to FP as part of its efforts to educate the community, speak out about needed changes, and provide support to youth who are or have been in substitute care.

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