Vol. 5, No. 2 • May 2001

Get in-service training credit for reading this newsletter!

Now you can enjoy reading Fostering Perspectives and get in-service credit that can apply toward your relicensure as a foster parent. First, read this issue, then write down the answers to the questions in this box. When you're done, present your answers to your social worker and receive 30 minutes of credit toward your in-service training requirement.

A word of caution, however. This method of gaining in-service credit, though it is approved by the Children's Services Section of the N.C. Division of Social Services, is new and may not be recognized by your county DSS. If your worker or her agency has questions about this idea, ask them to contact the Staff Development Team Leader at the Division at 919/733-7672.

In-service Credit Quiz, FP v5#2

  1. When and where will next year's North Carolina Foster Parent Association conference be held?
  2. How can your foster child use Fostering Perspectives to make some extra spending money?
  3. What is the relationship between suicide and depression?
  4. Who is the NC LINKS program coordinator for the N.C. Division of Social Services?
  5. What are foster parents who attend "Helping Youths Reach Self-Sufficiency" expected to do when they return to their home counties?
  6. How many years were the Corneliuses foster parents, and how many children did they foster?
  7. Can newly discovered tax benefits be claimed retroactively? If so, within what span of time must you claim them?
  8. Who wrote the book, "The Aggressive Child?"
  9. Where did J and K go on their outings with the Bosemans?
  10. What experiences enrich Beth O'Malley's understanding of life books?


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