Vol. 9, No. 1• November 2004

I Wish

by Latoria, age 15

I wish I could fly as high as the clouds.
I wish I could speak my words out loud.
I wish I could have my Mom and Dad back again.
Loving me and holding me as I share my pain.
How can I express that it’s a small world
Where nobody understands and feels the pressure, that life is not easy at all?
I cry long days and nights and pray to the Lord to bring me love.
Nothing less, nothing more.
I’m tired of being lonely.
I need someone to hold me in their arms and tell me the words,
“You are special and I love you!”
I’m tired of moving house to house.
I’m ready to be stable and call a house my house
And a room, my room.
I wish I could say the words Mom and Dad again!
If only I had one.
My wishes ARE going to come true.
I just have to give it time!

Copyright 2004 Jordan Institute for Families