Vol. 15, No. 1 • November 2010

Help Us Find Families for These Children

For more information on these children or adoption in general, call the NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877-NCKIDS-1 <www.adoptnckids.org>.

Brandon (age 16)
Brandon is quiet but has a winning smile. He takes great pride in his appearance and loves making new friends. Brandon loves to be outdoors where he enjoys riding his bike and playing basketball. He also likes listening to music, drawing, and baseball. Brandon plays the drums and would like to continue developing his musical talent.


Dwayne (age 15)
A friendly young man, Dwayne enjoys attention and seeks acceptance from his peer group as well as adults. He has a close bond with his older sister and her children, whom he enjoys visiting. He’s also close to his current teacher and maintains ongoing relationships with those who have served as caretakers in his life. Dwayne enjoys being active, is creative, and displays artistic ability. He loves playing video and board games and watching sports on TV.

Ebony (age 16)
Ebony describes herself as a kind, generous person with a good sense of humor. She has a beautiful smile and loves to have fun and be silly. She hopes to work with animals one day. Ebony enjoys trips to the zoo, basketball, and watching the Disney Channel. Ebony would do best in a family where she is the youngest or only child. Ebony needs a two parent or single parent female who understands the challenges and rewards of parenting a child with disabilities, and is open to continuing visits with Ebony’s younger sister, who was adopted separately.

J’aquaisha (age 13)
J’aquaisha gets excited about having a permanent family, but also struggles with accepting love and guidance from adults. She enjoys playing basketball, singing, and video games. Her favorite subjects in school are Math and PE. She dreams of becoming a pediatrician. J’aquaisha needs someone who can both nurture her and be firm with her when needed. Because she parented her younger siblings, J’aquaisha should be the only or youngest child in her adoptive family. Stability, structure, and love will round out the recipe for this girl’s success.

Jaqueton (age 11)
Artistic, energetic, and determined, Jaqueton enjoys football, basketball and playing pool. His favorite subject in school is science. He likes singing in the choir and listening to rap music. When Jaqueton grows up, he would like to be an artist. Jaqueton attends regular classes at school and has a personal academic plan to help him be as successful as possible. He is a smart child and can easily complete tasks that interest him. Jaqueton will benefit from a one or two-parent adoptive family. Ideally, his adoptive parents will have experience raising teenagers and be comfortable managing behaviors, providing consistency, structure, and love.

Joshaline (age 15)
Friendly, smart, and charming, Joshaline is popular at school, where she is a cheerleader, runs track, and participates in afterschool clubs. Her favorite channel is BET and she likes to listen to R&B music. Joshaline does well in school and typically makes A’s and B’s. She plans to attend college and major in social work. Her goal is to be independent and live a prosperous life.

Kasib (age 16)
Kasib is polite, agreeable, affectionate, and easy to please. He can be very gentle and kind and shows positive leadership skills, especially with the other kids in his home. Kasib is good at sports and enjoys soccer, basketball, track, and baseball. Kasib enjoys learning new things. The ideal family for Kasib will be consistent with routine, structure, and consequences. Kasib needs to maintain frequent visits and contact with his biological siblings, who are being adopted separately.

Lonnie (age 15)
Lonnie is a sociable, energetic, and curious young man. He gets along with peers, but relates best to adults. He takes a great deal of pleasure in talking with almost anyone who listens. Lonnie enjoys watching movies, playing basketball and video games, and researching various subjects on the computer. Church has been a strong and positive influence on him. Lonnie also enjoys expanding his social skills by traveling and shopping. It is Lonnie’s greatest dream to be adopted and experience the love and joy of having his own family to love and nurture him.
Malik (age 14)
Malik is a funny, charming, adventurous young man. He enjoys science, sports, animals, and reading; he also likes to play video games, hang out with friends, attend youth ministry, and watch TV. In school, Malik receives resource assistance and has made tremendous progress, nearly making the honor roll. His teacher says he is very bright. Malik needs a two-parent family who can provide a highly structured environment with very clear expectations and boundaries. Malik has a sister who will be adopted separately; continuing contact between them is encouraged.
Samuel (age 16)
Sam is funny, perpetually happy and a joy to be around. He has an upbeat personality and loves to please and show respect for adults and authority. Sam, who describes himself as handsome and smart, has a great love of electronics and enjoys playing video games. He likes playing basketball and attending games or watching sports on TV; Sam has a great mind for sports trivia.
Ton’nica (age 15)
Ton’nica describes herself as fun, kind, and a good teacher. She is also extremely loyal, determined, and not afraid to express her opinion. Ton’nica is somewhat shy and would like to make more friends. She enjoys getting her hair and nails done and is into fashion and jewelry. Ton’nica likes to watch football and participate in cheerleading and stepping. She would like to become a kindergarten teacher.
Trevor (age 15)
Trevor has an engaging personality, an endearing sense of humor, and good verbal skills. He is an artist and hopes to have a career where he can use his artistic talents. He enjoys trips to the beach and theme parks. The ideal parents for Trevor will provide a structured routine with clear expectations. They will advocate for him in the school and community to ensure that he receives the services he needs. Trevor would like an adoptive family that will enjoy “doing stuff” and spending time with him. He is very close to his grandmother and will need to visit her periodically.