Vol. 16, No. 2 • May 20112

Help Us Find Families for These Children

For more information on these children or adoption in general, call the NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877-NCKIDS-1 <www.adoptnckids.org>.

Constantino (age 11)
Fun-loving, kindhearted, and helpful, Constantino enjoys playing outside, going to the beach, and doing arts and crafts. He receives extra help at school so he can meet his full potential. His favorite subjects are math and reading. He aspires to be a police officer when he grows up. The ideal family for Constantino is an outgoing, fun, two-parent family that is active in their community. His forever family will need to be prepared and able to provide him with the love, patience and stability that he needs.


Drexton (age 12)
Drexton has a great laugh and a super imagination. He enjoys football, basketball, watching TV, cars, and coloring. He loves animals and would like to have a cat. Drexton’s favorite subject is math. He is not sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but has an interest in teaching art. The ideal forever family for Drexton will be a two-parent family where one parent that stays at home or a retired single parent. Drexton responds well to maternal, nurturing interactions. He is very eager to have a forever family.

Josh (age 13)
A handsome, fun loving young man, Josh is imaginative and warm-hearted. He likes to please others and often wants to help the vulnerable or disadvantaged. As a proud Boy Scout, Josh’s interests and experiences include fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, cooking, telling jokes, and just about anything that meets the definition of “boy.” Josh is doing well in school and reads on grade level. His adoptive parents must be skillful, work as a team, and have a strong network of support, including family, community, and therapeutic resources.

Shaikea (age 15)
Shaikea enjoys attending church and is active in the school chorus. Shaikea is capable of doing anything—she is very smart and loves to read. Her long-term goals include attending college and becoming a lawyer. Shaikea needs a patient, committed family that will allow her ample time to accept them as her new family. She is frightened of being let down again and needs a family that will really stick by her side. Shaikea wants a family that will allow her to attend church. She desires a permanent family that lives in North Carolina.

Shelby (age 14)
Shelby is a very bright, humorous, and compassionate young lady. She enjoys doing crafts, drawing, and making jewelry. Shelby loves animals, especially dogs, and dreams of becoming a veterinarian. She would love to be on a farm or in a home where she can help with animals. Her favorite place to be is in the woods, exploring nature. Her teachers say she is eager to learn, follows directions, completes assignments, and is respectful. Shelby needs a forever family who will provide her with love, safety, and stability. She would like to be the only child in the home, but she would also do well with siblings close to her own age. Shelby will need a family that is comfortable with her maintaining communication with her maternal grandmother.

Tristin (age 12)
Tristin is full of energy and life! She is loving, intelligent, animated, and quite funny. Tristin enjoys making crafts, playing basketball, and card games. She is a creative child with a lot of potential. Quite gifted in art, Tristin considers becoming an art teacher one day. She also loves animals and may pursue becoming a veterinarian. Tristin needs a strong, patient, flexible family that can give her the nurturing she needs to develop to her fullest potential. A single female or two parent home will be considered for Tristin’s forever family.

Isaac (age 13) and Mahogani (age 11)
Isaac is shy, thoughtful, funny, smart, mature, and animated. He enjoys movies, going out to eat, going to the water park, playing video games, reading, and computers. He would like to be a preacher or bus driver when he grows up. Mahogani is outgoing, smart, funny, artistic, tidy, and a perfectionist. She loves to be the center of attention. She enjoys coloring, reading, drawing, and dancing. She is very intelligent and does well in school. She would like to be a teacher when she grows up. Isaac and Mahogani are great kids who would benefit from a two-parent family, preferably with a strong male role model. Both children love going to church and would like a family that is comfortable attending with them.

Christopher (age 9), and Nathaniel (age 11)
Chris and Nate are hopeful that a two-parent family or a single dad that will commit to them for the long term. Chris is casual, cooperative, and friendly. His interests are reading, playing with friends, and swimming. Chris enjoys learning, has a positive attitude, and is very talkative. Nate is funny, intelligent and loves to try new things. His favorite interests are drawing, soccer, karate, and skateboarding. He enjoys playing outside with his brother but also thrives with time one-on-one with adults. Both boys love animals and are good with pets. These brothers love one another and have a close connection.


Five children of the twelve featured in the November 2011 issue have been matched with adoptive families. The children at right are still waiting for forever families. To learn about them, go to www.adoptnckids.org.

Brion now has a video to share—look for it on his Adoptuskids website next to his photo, or go to YouTube.com and search “Adopt Brion from Foster Care.” This link has many children from our state searching for their adoptive families.