Vol. 18, No. 1 • November 2013

Help Us Find Families for These Children

For more information on these children or adoption in general, call the
NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877-NCKIDS-1, www.adoptnckids.org.

Breanna (age 11)
Breanna is a charming and beautiful young lady. She can easily win someone's love with her demeanor. She loves junk food and can be a very picky eater. Breanna enjoys art, computer games, and loves playing with the Little PetShop animals. Breanna is a typical 11 year old; she enjoys being outside and likes running track. However, she is knowledgeable about certain things well beyond her years and desires a lot of attention. Therefore she needs to be the only child in the home.

Breanna is doing fairly well academically in school but has the ability to do better. She is somewhat distractible and this takes away from her classroom learning. Breanna has had trouble in the past with reading; it would be beneficial for her adoptive parents to work on this and read with her at home.

Breanna participates in weekly therapy. This will be something that needs to continue so she can thrive in an adoptive home. Breanna will be successful with a two-parent family that has structure and consistent parenting techniques in regards to rules and boundaries.

The perfect family for Breanna will be confident in their parenting skills and work as a team to help her succeed.

Edrick (age 14)
Edrick is helpful, sweet, shy, and lovable. He is respectful of adults and prefers one-on-one attention. He is also a good athlete. Edrick is family-oriented and curious about life.

Edrick is on the wrestling team at school. His coach says he is a real asset to the team and that the entire team loves him. He also likes to play computer and video games. He enjoys going to church and the library. He likes to dress nice, especially nice shoes.

Edrick is in the 10th grade and benefits from extra support in school. He completes his homework after school and enjoys reading prior to bedtime. Edrick is in good health and is an active teenage boy. He receives services to improve his social skills and personal boundaries.

Edrick needs a mature, patient couple that can keep him safe and provide a lot of one-on-one attention. The adoption team is willing to consider all types of families, but would prefer a two-parent home. Single parents will also be considered. Edrick needs a positive male influence in his life. He very much wants to be part of a stable family. Edrick needs an experienced family that knows how to advocate for and support children that have been abused or neglected. He will need to be the youngest child in his forever family.

Emily (age 13)
Emily is helpful, playful, musical, and loves animals. She responds well to routine, structure, affection, and praise.

Some of Emily's favorite activities include singing and listening to music (particularly country music), drawing, dancing and bike riding. She also enjoys climbing trees and swinging, playing "Shoots and Ladders," and going out to eat. She likes to watch The Disney Channel and Nick Jr. Some of her favorite TV shows are Blue's Clues, What Not to Wear, and Craft Wars. Her favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza, and burgers.

In school Emily loves language arts and social studies. When she grows up, she'd like to have a big farm with horses and lots of animals. She'd like to be a veterinarian or an eye doctor. Emily wants younger siblings, especially a sister, in her forever family. Her ideal family will love animals as much as she does.

Michelle age 10)
Michelle is playful, silly, and lovable. She has a bounce-back spirit, a keen sense of humor, and a unique, warm laugh that's pleasant to the ear. She is careful and cautious around people she doesn't know well, but opens up and shows affection once trust is established. She responds well to positive reinforcement and having a stable caretaker.

Michelle loves video and board games, drawing and reading, and the Disney Channel. Singing and dancing are also favorite activities, as are going to the library and eating fried chicken, pizza, and McDonalds.

Michelle wants an African American forever family. This family will need a strong female parental presence. Her family should provide consistent structure and boundaries while making Michelle to feel accepted and loved. They should be open to maintaining a relationship with her foster mom.

Five children of the twelve featured in the May 2012 issue
have been matched with adoptive families! However, the children
below are still waiting for forever families.


Cali (age 7) and Lexi (age 4)
Sweet, very loving, and very smart, Cali is a cute "girly girl" with brown hair and brown eyes. Cali was born with a heart defect that was recently surgically corrected. Lexi is a bubbly little girl with black hair and brown eyes. She gives affection easily and likes to be cuddled. She likes to ride her bike, swing on the swing set, color and paint, and play house.

Cali and Lexi's forever family should be a North Carolina family willing to adopt both of them and have no other children so they can focus on Cali and Lexi's needs for a while. Stability, structure, consistency, willingness to learn, and dedication are a must!

Christian (age 15)
Friendly and talkative, Christian smiles often and likes to laugh and joke. She's gentle, kind, affectionate, and loves to give hugs. Her hobbies include drawing riding horses, riding bikes, and talking on the phone. Christian is bright and can make A's and B's in school when she applies herself. She wants to work with animals one day. This young lady will do best with a single female parent that can give her a lot of attention, structure, stability, and unconditional love. She needs to be the only child in her forever family.

Drexton (age 13)
Drexton is an animated young man with a great laugh and a good imagination. He responds well to a structured, calm environment where he can feel safe. Drexton enjoys football, basketball, cars, and coloring. He typically likes to eat anything except squash. He loves animals and would like a cat. Drexton works hard in school. He wants to be an art teacher when he grows up.

The ideal family for Drexton will have a parent who's at home when he comes home from school. He needs a family that will be there for him throughout his life. He needs to be the youngest or only child in his forever home. He is very eager to have a forever family.

Jaquan and Kiana (age 16)
Jaquan and Kiana are twins and have a strong bond with one another.

Jaquan is a charming, likable fellow that gets along well with peers and adults. Jaquan can be the class clown and a follower. Jaquan is currently in the eighth grade and will need a family that can help him stay on task to complete school assignments.

Kiana is a "girly girl" who is careful about her appearance and a real pro at styling her hair. She is described as funny, sensitive, and outgoing. Kiana is in the ninth grade and her teachers note her ability to take responsibility for her actions and to use positive relationships to avoid negative choices.

Jaquan and Kiana would benefit from a family that will enjoy the challenges of parenting teens, and can help them find their way to leading productive adult lives. Jaquan and Kiana can have other children in the home and would benefit from both male and female role models.

Pamela (age 14)
Pamela is a beautiful, slender young lady with a lot of spunk! She enjoys scrap booking, journaling, and listening to hip-hop. Pamela has also participated in cheer leading and gymnastics. Something that makes her unique is her eye for a good bargain, which she has fun shopping for at local flea markets.

We are looking for an adoptive family in which Pamela would be either the only child, or the oldest child in the home. There is no preference on whether this is a two-parent or a single parent home. Pamela will have the most success in a North Carolina home where there is routine and structure. She needs to be reassured that she is loved unconditionally and will not be "sent away." Continued connections with her birth family are very important to Pamela, so a family that is open to that will be a positive. Pamela is a sweet young lady with a great personality who deserves to find her forever family.