Vol. 20, No. 2 • May 2012

Help Us Find Families for These Children

For more information on these children or adoption in general, call the
NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877-NCKIDS-1, www.adoptnckids.org.

Christian (age 13)
Christian is a smart and funny young man who is everybody's friend. He is a very compassionate child who is always concerned about other people's feelings. He likes to draw and is always open to trying new creative activities. He also loves technology and playing video games. He's an accomplished soccer and baseball player. Christian is very intelligent and has great academic potential. He has expressed an interest in learning Spanish, and his favorite subjects are math and science.

Christian needs a two-parent family that is calm, patient, and even-keeled. Christian would like to stay in North Carolina, as it is very important to him that he have continued contact with his siblings. Christian is especially close with his older brother. Christian has said he wants a family that doesn't yell and is patient. He deserves a family who understands how loss impacts behavior and who is willing to stick by him, through thick and thin.

Dakota (age 17)
Dakota is a creative, caring, and inquisitive young man with a great sense of humor. He enjoys playing basketball, football, and video games. Dakota is always ready to try new things, like different food or unique music. Dakota works hard in school and his favorite subject is science. When he grows up, Dakota would like to attend college to pursue a career as a video game developer.

Dakota longs for a sense of love and belonging. His desire is to become a part of a forever family that has pets and that attends church. Dakota would also like to be placed in a forever family with siblings, though he might compete with them for attention. Dakota needs an experienced two-parent family that is very patient and able to offer lots of one-on-one attention. The ideal family for Dakota should also have some experience with autism.

Jermaine (age 17)
Jermaine is an engaging and charismatic child who is eager to find a safe and loving home. He is positive and resilient, with a great sense of humor. In his free time, Jermaine enjoys participating in sports, listening to music, and socializing. Jermaine thrives when given adult attention, and he lights up when a respected adult takes the time to teach him something new. Jermaine also loves to read. His favorite author is John C. Maxwell. Jermaine is excited to attend college after high school and plans to study business.

To reach his fullest potential, Jermaine would benefit from a nurturing adoptive family who is respectful, positive, and able to set appropriate boundaries. Jermaine needs patience and loving guidance from his family as he begins to navigate difficult choices on his own. It is also important that Jermaine's forever family is open and committed to allowing him to maintain birth family connections.

Jonathan (age 16)
Jonathan is an artistic, funny young man who is friendly and easy to talk to. He is always thinking about how he can help others. He likes to play basketball, football, and soccer, and loves to ride his bike or go for a swim. He also likes to play guitar and harmonica and sing gospel music. Church is big part of his life. In school, where he receives extra assistance to help him reach his full potential, Jonathan's favorite subject is science. When he grows up he would like to own a business that rescues animals.

Jonathan longs for a forever family that is patient and will take time to really listen to him. A family with experience with developmental delays would be ideal. Jonathan deserves a family who will support him into adulthood and be a positive, nurturing influence throughout his life. He would like a family who likes animals, lives in a big house, and has a loving mom and dad, with siblings in the home. Belonging to a family that enjoys attending church is also important to Jonathan.

Zach (age 13)
Zach is an outgoing young man who likes to meet new people. He enjoys playing team sports, especially football and basketball. Zach likes visiting amusement parks and playing outside. He's also a big fan of the TV show, "The Walking Dead." Zach's favorite subject in school is math and he aspires to be an engineer when he grows up. His dream is to design airplanes for the U.S. Army.

Zach is eager to join his forever family. He would prefer a Christian family with other children his age or older. It's also important to Zach that his family is nice and they are interested in outdoor activities, such as riding dirt bikes or four-wheelers. Zach needs a family who is consistent, structured, loving, and patient. He also needs a family who is open to maintaining regular contact with his siblings. An experienced family will be just what Zach needs to thrive.

Nick (age 16), TJ (age 13), and Hannah (age 11)
Nick, TJ, and Hannah are sweet, loving children who share a special sibling bond.

Nick is an outgoing and caring young man with a deep love for his siblings. He's savvy with computers and video games and he would like to be a video game designer. When Nick applies himself in school it is clear he is highly capable and intelligent.

TJ is a very respectful and sweet boy who loves to talk and make people laugh. He loves animals and he likes to tinker with machines to see how they work. TJ works diligently in school and his teachers report he is always a pleasure to have in class.

Hannah is an active little girl who is a great helper. Her favorite movie is "Toy Story" and she loves to play with any "Toy Story" toys or games. Hannah experiences some intellectual and developmental disabilities. With lots of structure and supervision in her current placement, she has made great progress. In her self-contained classroom, Hannah is an excellent helper and she's eager to learn new things.

Nick, TJ, and Hannah deserve an active, patient, and affectionate family that understands the losses they have experienced. These children are very close with their adult sister and it's important that this relationship be maintained. Though the first priority is to identify an adoptive home for all three children together, families who are interested in maintaining their sibling connection through significant and regular visits may be considered.

For more information on these children or adoption in general, call the
NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877-NCKIDS-1, www.adoptnckids.org.