Vol. 13, No. 2 • May 2009

Get In-Service Training Credit for Reading this Newsletter!

If you are a North Carolina foster parent you can enjoy reading Fostering Perspectives and earn credit toward your relicensure. Just write down the answers to the questions below and present them to your social worker. If your answers are satisfactory, you’ll receive 30 minutes of credit toward your in-service training requirement. If you or your licensing social worker have questions about this method of gaining in-service credit, please contact the N.C. Division of Social Services at 919/334-1176.

In-Service Quiz, FP v13#2

  1. Name two changes Becky Burmester has noticed in the foster care system since she began fostering in 1984. What effect do you think these changes have had on children?

  2. Of the North Carolina children who left foster care in 2005, what percentage were reunified with their parents?

  3. In Angie Clontz’s story, what were two moments that told her she did the right thing when she and her husband decided to begin fostering teens?

  4. For families who adopt a child from foster care in North Carolina, how are adoption assistance payments computed?

  5. Name three things Bonnie Ferrell has learned in her 41 years of social work. Describe how these three things apply to you and your work with families and children.

  6. Where was the 2009 NC Foster and Adoptive Parent Association Conference held? What was the theme for this event?

  7. After reviewing the letters on pages 8 and 9, name 6 things young people in foster care might want to know before they go to a new foster care placement. What might you do as a social worker or substitute caregiver to provide this information to the children with whom you work?

  8. How long has SaySo (Strong Able Youth Speaking Out) been in existence? How much does it cost to join SaySo?

  9. Name three things foster care alumni (and anyone else) can do to help prevent identity theft.

  10. List five questions foster parents are often asked in court.

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