Vol. 13, No. 2 • May 2009

Moving Ahead—and Growing!—in Uncertain Times

“In our hands lies the ability to shape our world for good or for ill.” —President Barack Obama

Times are tough. Our country faces a severe economic crisis. Our confidence in banks and other key institutions is shaken. Businesses and government agencies are making drastic cuts. Families worry about losing their jobs, their homes. Many feel afraid.

As a child welfare professional or a foster, adoptive, or kinship parent, you probably wonder what will happen to you, your agency, and your community. You are not wrong to wonder: the future is unsure.

Before you panic, however, please remember that uncertainty is not new to you. As someone committed to helping families and children in crisis, you already know a lot about living with risk. Chances are, you also know from personal experience that wonderful things can come out of turmoil.

There is a relationship between struggle and success, uncertainty and growth. This issue of Fostering Perspectives celebrates this fact. In its pages you will have an opportunity to hear from:

  • A birth mother determined to break the negative patterns of her past.
  • A couple who transformed their family through adoption.
  • Foster parents who are glad they changed their minds about parenting teens.
  • A social worker reflecting on what she has learned over the years.
  • And much, much more.

Ultimately, we hope this issue will confirm for you that there is nothing more natural than moving ahead—and growing!—during uncertain times.

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Foster Care
A poem by Brianna, age 13
Foster Parenting through the Years
Breaking a Painful Pattern
My children won't grow up silenced and afraid

I'm Glad We Changed Our Minds about Fostering Teens

Teens in Foster Care in North Carolina

Our Journey from Foster to Adoptive Parents
Supporting Adoption in North Carolina
After 41 Years of Social Work, I Still Love What I Do!
We're Working Hard for You and Your Family!
From the President of the NC Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
Easing the Transition to a New Foster Home
Kids Pages: Things I'd Like to Know Before I Meet My New Foster Family
SaySo: 11 Years and Counting!
Advice to Foster Parents from an Adult Who Was Once in Foster Care
Books on the Nightstand (book review)

A Guide for Agencies on Partnering with Resource Families

Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft

A Reader Asks: What Should We Do If We Aren't Treated Respectfully?
Training Resource: NC Clearinghouse on Family and Child Well-Being
12 Skills Corner: Be Loss and Attachment Specialists
Advice for Foster Parents about Going to Court
Help Us Find Families for These Children
Study: Siblings Placed Together Reunify Faster
Writing Contest

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