Vol. 13, No. 2 • May 2009

Help Us Find Families for These Children

Remember what it was like waiting for Christmas morning to arrive when you were a child? Imagine waiting for a forever family to find you! A day in the life of these waiting children can seem like an eternity. Help us NOW by bringing this page to your workplace and by showing it to your friends. Make a difference that will last a lifetime!

Aaliyah (born: 6/30/95)
Aaliyah is a beautiful person, both inside and out. She can be very silly and has a smile that will warm your heart. Aaliyah has a wonderful sense of humor and wants everyone around her to be happy. She loves animals and during the summer volunteers with a pet adoption agency. She likes to listen to music, shop for accessories, and watch TV. Aaliyah’s goal is to design the smallest cell phone for her own cell phone company. (NC #092-3016)

AJ (born: 12/14/93)
AJ is a polite, talkative, and lovable boy who is wise beyond his years. He always kisses his foster parents good night and tells them he loves them. AJ enjoys playing cowboys, watching movies, and drawing. He likes attending church and thinks he’d like to join the Coast Guard someday or become an architect or forensic scientist. He enjoys participating in his school’s Battle of the Books and Science Olympics. (NC #031-2453)

Allen (birth: 9/17/93)
Allen is a handsome, charming, energetic, and friendly young man who is polite and respectful. When Allen is in a good mood the entire house revels in the positive atmosphere he creates. He believes in God and likes to take time to read the Bible. Allen enjoys playing paintball, sports, water skiing, fishing, and drawing. He is very competitive and likes to win. People who know him say that he has a wonderful way of making people laugh. (NC #092-2914)

Annabelle (born: 8/19/97)
Annabelle is very friendly, with an enormously loving nature and quiet a sense of humor. She is energetic, charming, and extremely resilient. Considering her past experiences, Annabelle is still able to see the amazing things in the world with wonder and awe. She loves animals and hopes to work with them when she grows up. Annabelle also enjoys playing with her baby dolls and stuffed animals, coloring, reading, and visiting amusement parks. (NC #100-2948)

Antonio (born: 8/1/00)
Antonio is open and affectionate, bright and friendly, eager to discover new things. He enjoyed finding gems on a school field trip. Antonio is a bit small for his age, but his coaches have already remarked on how athletic he is. Antonio loves to draw and would benefit from some structured lessons. He loves playing outdoors and taking photos. Antonio is terrific about chores such as watering the plants and helping with laundry. (NC #041-3044)

Beth Ann (born: 7/1/93)
Beth Ann is a very kind and caring girl. She is friendly, easygoing, and fashionable. Beth Ann enjoys making arts and crafts projects and participating in community activities. She loves attending church on Sunday and has a strong and positive relationship with her pastor. Beth Ann also enjoys participating in bowling in the Special Olympics. She loves to be helpful to others and would like a career that enables her to do that. (NC #054-3150)

Breanna (born: 9/28/96)
Breanna is outgoing, caring, beautiful, and has a terrific sense of humor. She has a very loving heart and dreams of being a veterinarian to help abused animals. Breanna is quite athletic and has played competitive soccer for several years. She loves being outside playing soccer, flag football, or roller skating. Breanna also enjoys reading the Harry Potter or Magic Treehouse books, as well as watching favorite Disney TV shows like Hannah Montana. (NC #025-3101)

Chiareek (born: 3/26/91)
Chiareek has a terrific personality and interacts well in conversation. He has an athletic build and enjoyed wrestling and track in middle school, but now would like to try gymnastics or football. Chiareek likes action movies and rap music. He likes to dance and says he’s very good at it. Chiareek is excited about driving and wants to be a policeman when he grows up. (NC #059-2758)

Freddie (born: 12/11/96)
Compassionate, lovable, energetic, and playful are words used to describe Freddie. He loves to do chores, especially yard work. He has boundless energy and loves to play outdoors, riding his bike or scooter, swimming, or any other high level activity. About the only “indoor” activity he likes is Tae Kwon Do, for which he has a green belt. Freddie also enjoyed participating in the local Special Olympics where he received several awards, including first place for running. (NC #092-3040)

Maria (born: 1/26/95)
Maria is active, happy, and seems to always be smiling or laughing. She can be shy, but quickly becomes talkative, friendly, and respectful. She is athletic and enjoys such sports as swimming, soccer, and softball. Maria is extremely talented at soccer and her skills are better than most. She hopes to make soccer a career and plans to make it to the Olympics. Maria is also musically inclined and would like to learn to play the guitar. (NC #029-2845)

If you are interested in one of these children or want to continue looking for the child who is just right for your family, click on the image below, which will take you to the official North Carolina adoption site sponsored by the N.C. Division of Social Services and NC Kids.

Or, if you'd like to speak with someone, call the NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network, Toll-free hotline: 1-877-NCKIDS-1.

We hope you will open your heart and home by adopting one of North Carolina’s waiting children.