Vol. 16, No. 1 • November 2011

Help Us Find Families for These Children

For more information on these children or adoption in general, call the NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877-NCKIDS-1 <www.adoptnckids.org>.

Allison (age 9)
Allison is a beautiful girl with a smile that will steal your heart. She likes writing and listening to stories and enjoys sports such as swimming and gymnastics. Allison also enjoys playing with Barbie Dolls and toys. She is sympathetic to others’ feelings and likes to make adults happy. Allison talks most about wanting a mom and a dog. She likes teenagers and would do well with older siblings. Allison needs weekly visits for her visual needs.


Brion (age 14)
Brion is a bright, articulate, savvy young man. He enjoys visiting the beach and the mountains, building models, and drawing. Brion likes sports and especially enjoys basketball, football, swimming, and wrestling. He would like to be a police officer or serve in the military, as he thinks it would be really cool to get rid of the bad guys before they can hurt people. Brion needs a family who is patient and willing to work with him to tear down the walls that he has built to protect himself. Brion deserves the chance to learn that trusting and caring can open one’s life to great possibilities.

Cecil (age 13)
A loveable child, Cecil is mild mannered, inquisitive, easygoing, and agreeable. He loves playing drums and playing games on the computer. Cecil wants to play sports. Cecil has a good relationship with his peers and foster brother. Cecil’s foster mother says he just wants to be loved and feel as though he belongs in the family. Cecil loves his teacher, and the feeling is mutual. Cecil states that he wants to be a police officer and a drummer when he grows up. Cecil wants to be adopted so he can be a part of a family—he wants a mom, dad, and a brother or sister. Cecil would benefit from other children in the home.

Derick (age 12)
Derick is reserved, kind, and competitive. He can be a perfectionist as well, taking pride in his personal appearance: he likes to look neat and clean at all times. Derick enjoys reading, playing football and basketball, as well as art and drawing. Derick tends to get along better with adults than his peers. However, he responds very well to younger children and enjoys being a big brother. Described as very bright, Derick is open to the possibility of being adopted. He would like a two parent home with an African American family. He loves dogs and says he wants a family that will allow dogs in the home.

Ethan (age 15)
Ethan is a handsome young man with long, beautiful eyelashes. He is friendly, easygoing, and articulate. Ethan can be very helpful and often practices his gentlemanly manners. He enjoys playing on the computer, video games, and talking on the phone with his sister or friends. Ethan is an avid sports fan and athlete and hopes to become a professional baseball player. He hopes to find a loving family who will understand that he is not perfect and that he will make mistakes. Ethan will benefit most from a two-parent family with a positive male role model.

Jacob (age 9)
Jacob is extremely sweet, loving and helpful. He has an easygoing disposition and is fun to be around. He loves to dress well and is proud of his clothes and shoes. He adores being the center of attention. Jacob is typically a good student; his favorite subject is reading. He receives some extra assistance in school to help him meet his full potential. He will do best in a family experienced with children who have special needs. It is preferable for him to be the only child. He has a medical condition that will require close monitoring by his caregivers.

LaDymond (age 9)
LaDymond is a happy spirit. Playful, likable, and eager to please, she has resilience and a determination to succeed. She loves to talk and to be the center of attention. She likes pretty things and loves to dress up. Some of LaDymond’s favorite things to do are ride bicycles, roller skate, and watch cartoons. She also loves going to school, singing, and making crafts. LaDymond would benefit from a family where she can experience stability, acceptance, and unconditional love. She has a lot of energy and will do best in an active family. She deserves a family of her own.

Chris (age 8) and Mercedez (age 7)
Christopher is a sweet, mild tempered boy who gets along well with just about everyone and is passionate about trains! He enjoys playing with his electric train set and he also likes to watch TV and read books about trains. When he plays outdoors, Christopher stays active running, jumping, and riding his bike. Mercedez is adorable, confident, and friendly. Even though she enjoys dolls and coloring, Mercedez is not a girlie girl; she likes rough and tumble play and wants things to go her way. She is a fast learner and is quickly catching up in academics. We are looking for a two-parent adoptive family in which Christopher and Mercedez can be the youngest children. Any family considered should have previous parenting experience. The children express a desire for African American parents.

Sebastian (age 8), Reva (age 11), and Alex (age 10)
Sebastian is rambunctious, playful, quirky and sweet. He enjoys playing video games and riding his bike and scooter. He loves the beach. His best subject in school is math. He would like to be a fireman.

Reva is easy going, funny, tender, and artistic. She makes friends easily and is very helpful both at church and at school. Some of Reva’s favorite activities include dressing up, walking her dogs, playing basketball, reading, drawing, skating, and watching WWE wrestling on TV.

Alex is imaginative, kind, fun, and playful. He makes friends easily. Alex’s favorite activities include playing video games, riding his bike and his scooter, and playing baseball. Alex wants to go to college and he would like to be a professional baseball player when he grows up.

These siblings will do best in an active family where they are the only children. Sebastian, Reva, and Alex children enjoy attending church and have requested a family that actively participates in a church family.