Vol. 16, No. 1 • November 2011

Overcoming Parenting Challenges

Though vastly rewarding, raising kids also brings with it long hours, thankless tasks, anxiety, and frustration. No one can deny it: parenting comes with challenges.

This can be doubly true when you’re raising a child who is or has been in foster care. Because many of these young people have experienced trauma and difficult life circumstances, the approaches that worked with your biological kids may be ineffective or even counterproductive with children in care.

As a result, resource parents face tests—sometimes daily, or even hourly. Tests of their patience, compassion, flexibility, and resourcefulness.

Thank goodness foster and adoptive parents don’t shy away from a challenge!

Nor will they pass up a chance to learn something helpful or put another tool in their parenting tool box. In recognition of this fact, this issue of Fostering Perspectives explores ideas and strategies that can make it easier to understand and effectively manage challenging behaviors in children who have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other traumas.

We hope the information and perspectives shared here will support you so that you can continue to give your priceless gift to children and their families.

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Handling Meltdowns in Public
NC Foster Care Alumni Share Advice about Social Media
When Your Child Engages in Difficult Behavior
Shared Parenting Can Reduce Disruptive Behaviors

Teaming for Safety
Working with Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused

Building Trust, Brick by Brick

Foster Parent Perspectives on Establishing Trust

Kids' Pages
Advice from Youth on How Parents Should Respond to Challenging Behaviors
Getting to Know SaySo
Child Traumatic Stress: A Primer for Resource Parents
Books on the Nightstand (book review)
Domestic Violence's Impact on Children
A Reader Asks
Where can I turn for help in the years after adoption?
Learn More about Managing Child Behaviors
Help Us Find Families for These Children


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