Vol. 15, No. 2 • May 2011

Teaching Children to Take Care of Themselves

Preparing children for a successful future is what good parenting is all about. That's why this issue of Fostering Perspectives focuses on things foster parents, kinship caregivers, and social workers can do to help children in foster care grow up to be loving, confident, well-rounded, self-sufficient young adults.

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Teaching Children to Take Care of Themselves
"Helping Youth Reach Self-Sufficiency" (NC Foster Parent Training)
I Just Didn't Have Anybody
Foster Care Alumni of America's deputy director explains how she found her supports
Learning to Trust

Futures Ready: A Free Curriculum for Emerging Young Adults in NC

Parenting the Hormonally Challenged: Foster and Adopted Teens and Sexuality

Books for Kids--and Parents--about Puberty (book review)

Turning Our Busy Bees into Worker Bees
Preparing Youth in Foster Care for Employment
Kids Pages
"How Our Caregivers Can Help Us Succeed as Adults"
Message from the President of the NC Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
Fostering a Supportive Community
A Reader Asks
Is it hard to find adoptive homes for teens?
SaySo Update: We've Got a Lot to Celebrate!
Resources: On Their Way and OnYourWay.org
Help Us Find Families for These Children

Keep Your Eyes Open for Teachable Moments

Tips for Youth in Foster Care

Writing Contest

References cited in this issue

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