A new learning site for North Carolina’s foster and adoptive parents and kinship caregivers

In March 2017 the NC Division of Social Services launched, a learning site for our state’s resource parents. This site features:

On-Demand Courses. Available any time, these short, free courses include a certificate of completion learners can share with their supervising agencies. Foster parents are encouraged to talk in advance to their supervising agency about obtaining training credit through

Webinars. Recorded webinars on address a range of topics of interest to all parents and caregivers. Recordings vary in length and normally include handouts. Topics covered include creating normalcy for young people in foster care and treatment for ADHD.

Videos. Helpful, short videos on topics discussed by experts and those with lived experiences. Take a few minutes to learn about issues relevant to those caring for children and young adults in foster care.

Resources. The Resources page provides links to Fostering Perspectives, NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network, and many other sources of information and support.

Answers. The site’s FAQ page answers questions many resource parents ask.

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