Make a difference during National Foster Care Month

This May, the Children’s Bureau celebrates National Foster Care Month, focusing on family reunification with the theme “Honoring, Uniting, and Celebrating Families.” To children, youth, families, caregivers, and professionals involved in foster care, celebrating means taking action. The National Foster Care Month website, provides materials showcasing best practices and information to help youth connect with biological parents, other family members,

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Together in the trenches
Reflections from an Adoptive Father

by Bob DeMarco When children have experienced trauma, we sometimes need to parent them differently. This can make all the difference for our kids, but it can also lead us to isolate ourselves from those who can support us. Whether our motivation is to protect, teach, or prevent, often our go-to solution includes limiting social interaction in some way. Left

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How resource parents influence child and family outcomes in and out of court
One Judge’s Perspective

by J. Stanley Carmical As a parent myself, I am well aware that parents’ worst nightmares often involve the fear that something terrible will happen to your children. While presiding over sessions of abuse, neglect, and dependency court during the past 26 years I have frequently thought that for the mothers and fathers appearing before me in juvenile court, the

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Making a difference by maintaining connections
Family ties are "permanent ink"

by Donna Gillespie Foster When they’re in foster care, one of the greatest gifts we can give young people is to help maintain—or strengthen—their connections to their families. To do this well, it really helps if we have good relationships with the birth families as well. This isn’t always easy. Working with birth parents and maintaining children’s connections to them

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Making a difference at child and family team meetings
Attending can benefit everyone

by Claudia Kearney Foster parents and kinship caregivers sometimes find Child and Family Team meetings intimidating. It’s easy to see why. At CFTs the biological parents and families are there, talking about what they want and need and what the agency needs the parents to do in order to reunify with the child. Given this, it’s natural for resource parents

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Solutions to food and mealtime struggles
Cultivate a good diet over time and teach children what it means to eat healthy food

by Allison Gilliam Food: it’s a building block of good health. Our bodies’ fuel. Eating is such an important act that we do it multiple times a day, every day. Which leads us to the planning, preparation, and delivery of meals. As parents, this job falls to us. On the face of it, it’s not too much to ask: just

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