COVID’s Impact on the Transition to Adulthood

by Jonathan Rockoff • Youth coming out of foster care face many challenges as they transition into adulthood. That’s in normal times. Has the uncertainty of COVID added to the difficulty of this transition? To learn about COVID’s impact on youth transitioning from foster care to independence, I reached out to Michelle Blackmon, Program Coordinator at Fostering Bright Futures. Based

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SaySo welcomes new program coordinator

SaySo welcomes Cherie Watlington as the new SaySo Program Coordinator. Cherie grew up in North Carolina. After graduating from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (A&T) with a Bachelor in Social Work, she attended North Carolina State University and earned a Masters in Social Work. She is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Cherie’s work experience includes facilitating batterer

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What Makes My Social Worker special
Essays from Youth in Foster Care

When agencies evaluate child welfare social workers, they seldom ask for input from children and youth in foster care. Yet many are only too qualified: they have seen enough child welfare professionals come and go to know what good social work looks like. In an effort to draw on this untapped expertise and to celebrate the successes of North Carolina’s

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Pandemic Struggles and Lessons of Foster Care Alumni

by Shanita Dildy-Goings • Every generation has their challenges, their life altering events and lessons learned. Every lifetime comes fraught with trials and tribulations that seem insurmountable at first, unforgiving at best, and at times without end. Somehow though, time after time we manage to pull through and come out stronger, wiser, and more prepared for the next game changer.

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