Self-Care is a Must for Kinship Caregivers

by Jonathan Rockoff • If you provide kinship care, what I’m about to say will not be surprising: your circumstances and daily experiences are likely much different than “traditional,” non-relative foster parents. In this article I want to do more than provide tips on how to care for yourself as a kinship caregiver. After all, you’re likely aware of what

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Licensed Kinship Care in NC

Licensed kinship care resembles nonrelative foster care. In both, the county DSS has legal custody of the children. Like all states, NC has requirements (e.g., training, background checks, etc.) that non-kin foster parents must meet before they can care for children in foster care. In NC, kinship caregivers must meet these same requirements to be licensed as a foster parent.

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Free Online Courses for Resource Parents

The NC Division of Social Services is proud to offer, a learning site for our state’s resource parents. This site features online courses, webinar recordings, videos and podcasts, and answers to frequently asked questions. Free courses include: Supporting the Transition into Adulthood. This 1-hour course teaches strategies resource parents can use—including North Carolina’s LINKS goals and Transitional Living Plan—to

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