Resource Families Can Help with Recruitment, Retention

Child welfare professionals have long known that resource parents can be powerful allies when it comes to finding new foster parents. Indeed, when they are creatively involved in an agency’s efforts, current foster parents and kin caregivers may be the single best recruitment tool there is. Given present trends in foster care, the time has come for us to truly

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You Can Really Make a Difference in Your Agency’s Efforts to Recruit Foster Parents
An Interview with Foster Parent Sky Webb

by Jonathan Rockoff • I recently had a chance to speak with foster parent Sollenski “Sky” Webb. Sky is licensed through Methodist Home for Children, a private foster care agency serving youth throughout the Central and Eastern part of North Carolina. Sky was born and raised in Snow Hill (pop. 1,595) in Greene County, North Carolina, where she has been

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Three Small North Carolina Counties Join Forces to Support Resource Parents

Every child-placing agency in North Carolina genuinely wants to support foster parents. Why wouldn’t they? After all, it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to find, orient, train, and license potential caregivers for children and youth in foster care. But providing the ongoing training, appreciation events, and networking opportunities needed to support and sustain resource parents can be

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To Give Our Best to Our Children, Resource Parents Need Support from Each Other

by Bob DeMarco • When children have experienced trauma, we sometimes need to parent them differently. This can make all the difference for our kids, but it can also lead us to isolate ourselves from those who can support us. Left unchecked, this can lead to ineffective parenting and a generally unhappy home. Really, social interaction is a lifeline for

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Waiting for a Placement Can Be Frustrating
Suggestions from a Foster Parent

by Becky Burmester • As a veteran foster parent (two decades and counting), I am familiar with licensed foster parents whose homes have remained empty. These foster parents frequently contact their social workers seeking placements, yet no children are placed in their homes. They ask themselves: Why is this happening? There is supposed to be such a need for foster

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“Stay Interviews” Can Help Keep Lines of Communication Open

by Rick Zechman • Report cards. Visits. Court. Shared parenting. Medical and therapy appointments. Children’s achievements. The list goes on. Resource parents and their agencies have a lot to talk about! Unfortunately, “immediate,” urgent topics tend to crowd out time for discussing important, longer-term things such as resource parents’ satisfaction with their role, their relationship with the agency, how they’ve

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