What I Want to Do for a Living
Reflections by and for Young People in Foster Care

In last issue’s writing contest we asked young people in foster care, “What do you want to do for a living? What are you doing—or what do you plan to do—to reach this goal?” Here’s what they had to say.

* * * * * *

First Place

I want to be someone who cares for other people. I want to give to the poor. My dream is to own my own business and to help others with my business by donating money and giving jobs. I really want to give to others because I hate for people to be hungry. Some people are stealing to eat or fighting to eat. I want to change that by giving back. Giving back is the best thing to live for in life. I will do this by graduating from high school and learning a trade under someone who is successful.

Kywren received $100 for taking top prize in the writing contest.

* * * * * *

Second Place

I want to work outside creating fences, gardens, and a lawn service. I plan on working with my friend’s brother who has a landscaping business. I am going to get a job at Bojangles like some of the kids at the group home I live in. I will save up my money to buy supplies. This will make the job easier. Then, after I’ve been working for some years, I will try to get a landscaping business of my own. I also would like to help children in a mental hospital so I can teach them the things that I learned.

Yahir received $50 for taking second prize in the writing contest.

* * * * * *

Third Place

Change has been a part of my childhood for awhile. I have been in foster care since I was six years old. But my family has always told me that ever since I could walk, I loved to dance. When I grow up I want to be a famous dancer just like Misty Copeland. She inspires me so much. I plan to achieve this goal by a lot of hard work and practice. I know that if I keep my faith in God, I can do anything I put my mind to.

Londyn received $25 for taking third prize in the writing contest.

* * * * * *

The Work I’ll Do Some Day

When I grow up and graduate high school, I want to go to college to get a master’s degree. When I get the master’s degree, I want to be a lawyer and also an NFL player. When I become a millionaire, I am going to donate a lot of money to every hospital and homeless shelter in my community. I’m going to help other countries like Africa, Nigeria, and India. I’m going to work hard to change myself to be a better person. — Donaven, age 15

* * * * * *

I want to have a family and own my own home. I will do this by getting my behavior straight and working to get out of the group home. I want to have children and a beautiful wife. I want to have everything that I missed out on in my life. It will be hard work, but I have to do it. — Jacob, age 13

* * * * * *

I want to be an NBA superstar. My plan is to first get all A’s and B’s for the rest of the school year. I will do this by studying every day and practicing basketball for three hours each day. I will continue this until I go to the NBA. But if I can’t go to the NBA, I would want to be a doctor. My grades would back me up to be a doctor if I don’t play basketball professionally. — Latron, age 14

* * * * * *

I want to be a monumental source of help for others. My drive and my passion is to make sure everyone, no matter the race, religion, or situation, is OK. I find myself writing to inform others that they are not alone. I want to create an environment that is safe. I want to create a place for solidarity. With the help and opportunities that I have been graciously offered, my first step in this plan is to get the word out. I want to make sure everyone I know or associate with feels comfortable talking to me about anything. I want to gain a sense of trust. I want to give people something to live for. That is what I want to do for a living. — Rocky, age 15

The young people above received $20 for having their essays published.

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