Steps to Adoption in North Carolina

1. Choose one adoption agency. You can choose your local county department of social services or a private agency. Call NC Kids or go to for information on all of your options. 2. Submit an application. To begin the process, you will first complete an application for adoption at the agency you select. The agency will ask about your

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Paths to permanence for NC children & youth in foster care

What is “permanence” and how is it achieved in the context of North Carolina’s child welfare system? Legal Permanence The courts and child welfare system focus a great deal on achieving legal permanence for children and youth in foster care. Legal permanence occurs when the young person has a lasting, legally secure relationship with at least one adult. This adult

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A Reader Asks
What does NC do to help youth achieve permanence?

North Carolina recognizes the importance of families and communities working together to raise and promote social awareness throughout the year. We believe every child and youth deserves the chance to grow up in a family that can provide them with love, hope, and stability. This article describes some of the many things North Carolina does as part of its commitment

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A reader asks
Is birth family contact after adoption wise?

When reading profiles of waiting children, I’ve noticed there is often a request for the child to maintain contact with a birth family member, such as a sibling or grandparent, after the adoption. What type of contact is allowed? Is that safe for the child and for adoptive families? Each adoption is unique, especially those involving children in the foster

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Shared parenting in the context of adoption
One family’s story

by Jonathan Rockoff • Shared parenting was their biggest fear about being foster and adoptive parents. But they overcame this fear in an inspiring and remarkable fashion. I met Jonathan and Sally Six of Wake Forest, NC five years ago when they first became licensed foster parents. They already had one child of their own, “Mark,” and wanted to open

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