Witnessing a Change in Foster Care
Reflections from Foster Care Alumni

On July 2, 2015, the Governor signed a new law called the Foster Care Family Act (SB 423). Governor McCrory asked that SaySo be represented on this day. SaySo supporters and foster care alumni Chaney Stokes, Roman Rys, and Marcella Middleton were present, as was Nancy Carter, SaySo’s chief administrator. After touring the Governor’s mansion, Chaney, Roman, and Marcella were

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Navigating Reasonable and Prudent Parenting
Promoting normalcy for young people in foster care

by Teresa Strom For years, many young people in foster care have been prevented from participating in everyday activities essential for their development and for a successful transition to adulthood. Because of real and perceived legal and policy constraints, many have missed out on the chance to engage in simple, commonplace activities such as going to a friend’s house, taking

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Caring for Children with Nonsuicidal, Self-Injurious Behavior
by Jeanne Preisler

Someone close to me used to intentionally cut himself when he was younger. He wasn’t trying to kill himself. He wasn’t trying to harm himself at all. On the contrary, he cut himself because it helped him cope in really difficult situations. This is often referred to with terms such as “nonsuicidal self-injury” or “self-harm” or “self-mutilation.” Youth who use

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