Healthy relationships and young people in foster care

The last issue of Fostering Perspectives talked about what resource parents can do to promote the physical health of the children in their care. Physical health is critical, but there are other dimensions of well-being to think about, including social and emotional health. One way to touch on these other facets of well-being is to focus on healthy relationships. There

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Promoting Physical Health for Young People in Care

Resource parents have a big influence on the children in their care—especially when it comes to their health. After all, every day offers opportunities to model and teach children about nutrition, exercise, and caring for their bodies. On top of that, resource parents take children to appointments and provide hands-on care to help them manage colds and more serious medical

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Ever feel you aren’t making a difference?
Book Review

by Jeanne Preisler There are a few times in life that have a distinct before and after: getting married, for instance. Becoming a parent. Becoming a grandparent. I believe parenting a traumatized child is another example. It’s difficult to explain to others what parenting a traumatized child feels like. How much emotional and cognitive effort it demands. How draining that

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