Help Us Find Families for these Children

For more information on the following children or adoption in general, call the NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877-NCKIDS-1

Dajaun (age 10)dajaun

Dajaun is a friendly and talkative little boy who is very inquisitive. He likes all types of music and loves to dance. Dajaun also likes to play basketball, baseball, and soccer. He loves to make things with his hands, and he’s especially fond of building with Legos. Dajaun is happiest when he’s outside; he says he would like to live on a farm one day.

The ideal forever family for Dajaun is an experienced, two-parent family capable of providing him with loving guidance, structure, consistency, and clear boundaries. His family should also have a comprehensive understanding of how child trauma, grief, and loss impact behavior and development. Dajaun would thrive in a family who listens to him and helps him express his emotions in a calm and productive way.

Phalen (age 9)phalen

Phalen is an affectionate, loving, independent little boy with a charming smile and infectious personality. He is very social and loves interacting with others. Phalen enjoys playing on his iPad, watching Peppa Pig, and swimming. He’s very smart and learns quickly. Electronic tablet devices are his favorite mode of learning.

The ideal family for Phalen should have a flexible schedule and be able to maintain ongoing appointments as well as participate in various types of therapy to assist him in increasing his mobility and speech. Phalen would be most successful with caregivers who are calm, patient, and who have the ability to work with him on developing his skills. Phalen has a strong bond with his brothers. It will be important for his adoptive family to facilitate continued visitation between the siblings.

Kylie (age 10)kylie

Kylie is friendly, kind, and outgoing. She gives her all to everything she does. Kylie loves to draw, sing, attend church, participate in softball, do arts and crafts, and play “school.” One day she would like to be an art teacher or work at a day care. Kylie likes to help around the house with laundry, chores, and preparing meals. She is not a picky eater and especially loves vegetables fresh out of the garden. Kylie does best when she has firm limits and consistency in her daily routine, expectations, and the care that she receives.

A family who has experience with attachment issues and the behavioral challenges associated with them would be best suited for Kylie. Kylie needs a family with no pets and where she will be the youngest or only child. Her forever family should be willing to work with her current foster parent and other significant supports to help her transition to her forever family and to provide continuity in her life. It is vital that Kylie’s relationships with her older brother and her foster family be maintained.

Markell (age 5)markell

Meet Markell! This happy little boy is a joy to everyone who meets him. Known for his infectious laughter and contagious smile, Markell loves trains, musical toys, and cartoons. He also loves to attend church and to visit the park. Some of Markell’s favorite foods include yogurt, mashed potatoes, and ice cream.

This resilient little boy deserves permanence in the right family. The ideal family for Markell will have experience working with children with disabilities and be committed to caring for him into adulthood. Markell’s family will be committed to effectively scheduling and managing various medical appointments and performing daily care tasks, as well. It is important that the forever family for Markell is able to lift him and maneuver his wheelchair. Markell also needs to maintain contact with his siblings through telephone calls and visits.

Terreil (age 13)terreil

Terreil is a lovable young man who is described as kind, playful, and sensitive. He likes to play Xbox and really enjoys riding his bike. He also loves to play with the dogs at his current placement. (In this photo he’s getting a kiss from one of those dogs.) His favorite hobby is cooking, and he’s currently taking a cooking class at the YMCA to sharpen his cooking skills. Terreil thrives when given one-on-one attention from adults.

Terreil would like to be adopted by a two-parent home with a strong, positive male role model. He needs to know that he is safe and can trust a family who will set limits and provide him with structure. He likes to talk through his feelings in a calm manner and requires an adoptive home who can provide a calm environment for doing so. Terreil’s family also needs to be open to maintaining contact with his two sisters. Terreil would be most successful as the youngest child in his adoptive family. Terreil deserves a family that will meet him where he is and help him reach his tremendous potential for success.

Vivian (age 16)vivian

Vivian is a respectful and social young lady who is full of life and energy. She has striking red hair that pops in the sunlight. She is described as spontaneous, caring, pleasant, and “always smiling.” Like many girls her age, Vivian is a big fan of the band One Direction, and she also loves the Twilight books and movies. She absolutely loves horses and horseback riding. When she grows up she would like to be a horse trainer and work at Disney World. She also likes cars and dreams of driving a Ford Mustang one day. In her free time, Vivian likes to read, play on her tablet, or play video games, especially Legend of Zelda.

Vivian is excited to be adopted. She would like a nice, caring, and supportive family that has pets, preferably horses. She would prefer a two-parent home with older children, though other family types will also be considered. Her forever family will need to commit to caring for Vivian into adulthood when it is clear that she can safely be independent. She needs a family to accept her for who she is and to consistently praise her strengths. She requires higher supervision to keep her safe and secure. This sweet girl will bring great joy to a special family.