Help Us Find Families for these Children

For more information on the following children or adoption in general, call the NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877-NCKIDS-1

Zalyn (age 8)
Zalyn is a handsome boy who is engaging, playful, affectionate, and strong. He loves outings to the museum, park, or movies. His top favorite is attending fairs and other community events. He also enjoys art and coloring. Zalyn has a cochlear implant, and he’s making great progress in his communication. He also has a specialized diet that is very important to his overall health.

Zalyn responds best to men, so he would do well in a family with at least one male parent. He would be most successful as the youngest child in his adoptive family. The ideal family would have some experience with American Sign Language. Ultimately, his forever family will need patience. With clear structure, consistency, and affection, Zalyn will thrive.

Tatyiana (age 14)
Friendly, creative, and smart, Tatyiana enjoys playing volleyball, cheerleading, and arts and crafts. She likes to read and loves going to libraries and museums. Tatyiana is about to finish middle school and is excited to go on to high school. Her favorite subject is science; she’d like to be a marine biologist when she grows up.

Tatyiana wants to be adopted by a family that will love her unconditionally. It is very important to Tatyiana that she remain in touch with her younger sister. Tatyiana would prefer a family that includes both a mom and a dad, though she will also consider single female families. Tatyiana needs to be the only child in her adoptive home. The right family will understand it will take time, patience, and consistency for Tatyiana to learn to trust them, and there will be bumps in the road. Tatyiana deserves a forever family that will harness her great potential.

Chance (age 7)
Chance is a bubbly, smart, active boy. Inquisitive and happy, Chance loves sports, especially football and basketball. His favorite toys are his Hot Wheels cars. One of his favorite things to do is go out to eat. Chance is in the first grade and his favorite subject in school is writing. He is a very smart child with great potential for academic success.

Chance is eager to be a part of a forever family. He responds best to men, and so a family with a kind, strong, and involved male parent is desired. A family with experience parenting children with therapeutic needs is preferred. Chance’s forever family will need to be very consistent, patient, and stable as they help him work through his past traumas. High levels of structure, empathy, and compassion will help Chance succeed.

Codie (age 14)
Meet Codie! This young man is creative, respectful, funny, and loving. He has his own style and likes to dye his hair. Codie enjoys basketball and football, being outside, and playing on his Xbox. Codie thrives when he participates in extracurricular activities where he can interact with peers who are a good influence on him. He is currently in eighth grade and his favorite subject is Social Studies. After high school, Codie would like to join the military. He also aspires to one day become a police officer. Codie has recently expressed openness to adoption.

Codie would do well in a variety of different family settings. He gets along well with other children of any age. The ideal forever family for Codie would be one who can give him a lot of one-on-one attention, but also let him have his own space when he needs it. His forever family will let him be who he is, while providing him guidance as he transitions from adolescence to adulthood. Codie will thrive in a family that can meet him where he is and help him grow.

Kyle (age 8)
Kyle is a social, bright, sweet boy with great capacity for love and affection. He loves learning new things and thrives when given positive attention. He enjoys playing basketball, listening to songs and nursery rhymes, and visiting the beach. His favorite TV show is Paw Patrol. Above all, Kyle loves to read and spell words. His principal says that he will win pretty much any spelling bee he’s in! He is fascinated with numbers and letters, and he also loves to learn sign language. Kyle does experience some developmental challenges, and he sometimes has trouble expressing himself verbally.

Kyle deserves a nurturing, two-parent family that will love him, support him, and keep him safe. Kyle’s family needs to be patient, consistent, and willing to engage in his therapies to help him reach his fullest potential. His family needs to be open in their displays of affection, as Kyle craves positive attention and love. Kyle will bring great joy to a special family.

Latyvia (age 15), Qudrell (age 10), and Malyke (age 9)
These three sweet, loving, and affectionate children are tightly bonded together.

Latyvia is the ultimate big sister, always looking out for her little brothers. She is very athletic, enjoying and excelling at most sports. Baseball, softball, and football are her favorites. She has the desire and ability to go to college, and she would like to be a foster parent and work with children when she grows up.

Qudrell loves life and is a great friend. He is a natural scientist, enjoying building rockets and collecting bugs.

Malyke is the comedian and he loves to laugh. He loves riding his bike outside and pretty much all outdoor activities. Malyke excels in school and is identified as academically gifted. All three children also enjoy singing in their church choir.

These three children are incredibly resilient and deserve a forever family that they can call their own. They say they would like a home that includes both a mom and a dad. They would do well in a family with or without other children. It is important that they be able to maintain contact with their other brother, their current foster family, and with their grandparents, so staying close to North Carolina would be ideal.