Help us find families for these children

For more information on these children or adoption in general, call the NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network (1-877-NCKIDS;

Aiaya (age 12)
Aiaya is excited about meeting a family who enjoys doing fun things. She is described by others as a strong advocate for herself, determined and resourceful. She enjoys playing board games and participating in outdoor activities. Her favorite hobbies are dancing and singing in the choir.

Aiaya very much wants a forever family of her own. She will do well in a family that can provide her with the love, patience, and support she needs to continue growing personally, emotionally, and academically. Her forever family will need a strong understanding of Aiaya’s love for her younger sister and be supportive of their connection.

Bethany (age 16)
Bethany is a creative and motivated girl with high aspirations. She’s quite artistic, and especially enjoys painting. Storytelling has a place in her heart, too. She has a gift of engrossing others in her stories. Bethany is also discovering the joy of cooking, and has fun experimenting in the kitchen. She can also be found enjoying a good game of cards, mastering a puzzle, or simply reading a book.

Bethany is a lovely young lady who dreams of having an adoptive home where she will have that amazing sense of belonging and acceptance that comes with having a sincere, nurturing family. She wants to be accepted and to be part of a loving family who will never let go and never give up on her.

Chelsea (age 16)
Chelsea is a witty and independent young lady with an awesome sense of humor. She loves working with young children and is an experienced baby sitter. She also enjoys being around animals, especially dogs. Like many teenagers, Chelsea likes to listen to music and hang out at the mall with her friends.

Chelsea has a strong desire to be adopted by a family that will love her unconditionally and who will understand what she’s experienced. She would like to be the older child in her family. Chelsea will benefit from a family that is supportive of her family connections.

DaQuan (age 17)
DaQuan is a handsome young man with an engaging personality. He loves to be active. He truly enjoys extracurricular activities such as football, basketball, and soccer. When he isn’t involved in a sport, you will find he likes to watch ESPN to catch up on the latest news in the sports world. DaQuan is an avid reader as well.

DaQuan feels it is not too late for him to be adopted because of his age; he wants to be a treasured member of a loving family. The family for DaQuan should also be open to allowing him to maintain connections to his birth family.

Robbie (age 11) and Toy (age 13)
Robbie and Toy are funny, playful boys who are full of energy.



Robbie is a sweet and extremely kind-hearted free spirit. He has an excitement for life and being active. Robbie enjoys playing outside, playing with Legos, and playing board games. He enjoys sports and is usually most successful when he’s involved in an organized sports league. Robbie also loves country music and singing along with the radio.

Toy is described by those who know him best as a funny and playful kid with a dry wit. He is a caring young man with a big heart who likes to go above and beyond to help others. Toy’s favorite activities include playing basketball, building things with Legos, and playing with his Halo trading cards. Toy really likes to help fix things that are broken and learn how machines work.

Robbie and Toy desperately want to be treasured members of a forever family. They want and deserve a family who will love them unconditionally.

Royale (age 9)
Royale is an active, loyal, determined, and independent boy who has a great sense of humor. Royale is a natural athlete; he loves to be outside playing football or basketball, or going for a bike ride. He also loves to draw, color, make paper airplanes, and build things with Legos. Royale is in the third grade and his favorite subject is Art. His teacher says he has great potential. When he grows up, Royale wants to be a professional basketball player.

Royale is warming to the idea of adoption and is making great progress. Royale does best when he receives a lot of positive attention from adults, especially males. Royale is very devoted to his family, and continued contact with his siblings would be in his best interest. In the right family, Royale will surely blossom and thrive.