Questions for New Kinship Caregivers to Ask

Questions to ask the child welfare worker about taking responsibility for the children: Who has legal custody of the children? What rights and responsibilities does legal custody give? Physical custody? May I receive a copy of the signed voluntary placement agreement? (when applicable) May I be involved in developing the service plan and receive a copy of the plan? Will

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Overlapping and Continuity of Families Are the Keys to Positive, Stress-Free Transitions for Children

by Donna Foster • News flash! After 17 years as a foster parent and 37 years as a trainer in foster care and adoption, I finally realized what the focus should be for foster parents: transitions! So Many Opportunities for Loss Think for a moment about the transitions a child in foster care goes through. The child is taken from

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Insights from a teacher who is also a foster parent
Helping the kids in your care succeed in school

by Anna Morrison • I am an elementary school teacher. I know what it is to have a classroom full of first graders who come from all sorts of backgrounds and have different needs and gifts, and to be responsible for their learning for a whole school year. I’m also an experienced foster parent. My family and I have cared

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Shared Parenting and School Success
Kids win when resource parents, birth parents, and schools work together

by Donna Foster • If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of shared parenting. I cherish any chance I get to explain why I think this practice is good for children, birth families, and foster families. In North Carolina, shared parenting usually starts with a face-to-face meeting between birth and foster parents within the first two weeks

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Education for Young People in Foster Care: NC Resource Parent Rights and Responsibilities

by Jonathan Rockoff • Your license has been approved! You spent the past few months going through the licensing process and learning as much as you could about a child welfare system with many moving parts. Yet if your child is school-aged, you still have more to learn. School Districts & Enrollment Even before your license is approved, one of

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Diligent Recruitment of Families for Children in Foster Care in North Carolina

Recruitment and retention of families for children in foster care matters a great deal. When we have enough foster and adoptive parents and kin caregivers, it is easier to place children in their home communities and school districts. More siblings can stay together. Careful matching with caregivers is easier. Children awaiting adoption don’t have to wait as long for forever

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