NC Initiative Seeks to Improve Health of Kids in Foster Care

Fostering Health NC is a statewide initiative focused on improving health outcomes for children and youth served by the foster care program. This effort, led by the NC Pediatric Society, is working to ensure every young person in foster care has a medical home and that their healthcare aligns with standards recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). What

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Ever feel you aren’t making a difference?
Book Review

by Jeanne Preisler There are a few times in life that have a distinct before and after: getting married, for instance. Becoming a parent. Becoming a grandparent. I believe parenting a traumatized child is another example. It’s difficult to explain to others what parenting a traumatized child feels like. How much emotional and cognitive effort it demands. How draining that

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How resource parents influence child and family outcomes in and out of court
One Judge’s Perspective

by J. Stanley Carmical As a parent myself, I am well aware that parents’ worst nightmares often involve the fear that something terrible will happen to your children. While presiding over sessions of abuse, neglect, and dependency court during the past 26 years I have frequently thought that for the mothers and fathers appearing before me in juvenile court, the

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Together in the trenches
Reflections from an Adoptive Father

by Bob DeMarco When children have experienced trauma, we sometimes need to parent them differently. This can make all the difference for our kids, but it can also lead us to isolate ourselves from those who can support us. Whether our motivation is to protect, teach, or prevent, often our go-to solution includes limiting social interaction in some way. Left

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A reader asks . . .
What to tell our friends when children reunify?

We’re members of a tight-knit community and many people know we are foster parents. The children in our home are transitioning back to their birth parents. We know we’ll get questions from the community about where the children went. How do we explain? Social workers and their agencies often encourage resource parents to use their natural supports and resources while

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Navigating Reasonable and Prudent Parenting
Promoting normalcy for young people in foster care

by Teresa Strom For years, many young people in foster care have been prevented from participating in everyday activities essential for their development and for a successful transition to adulthood. Because of real and perceived legal and policy constraints, many have missed out on the chance to engage in simple, commonplace activities such as going to a friend’s house, taking

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