Agencies Should Share Health Information with Foster Parents

According to North Carolina policy, DSS must share information about a child’s medical needs, medication, any special conditions, and instructions for the child’s care with the foster parent prior to or at the time of placement. The social worker is responsible for bringing any medications, glasses, hearing aids, etc. to the foster care placement with the child. Social workers should document when these items are given to foster care placement providers.

In addition, DSS must provide copies of the following health summary forms to foster care placement providers:

  • DSS-5206 (Initial Visit). Completed at a brief medical visit to occur within 7 days of the child’s entry into care.
  • DSS-5208 (Comprehensive Visit). Completed at a thorough medical visit to occur within 30 days of the child’s entry into care.
  • DSS-5209 (Well Visit). Completed at “check-up” medical visits that should occur every month for children ages 0-6 months of age, every 3 months for children ages 6-24 months, and every 6 months as well as at times of significant change for children ages 2-21 years.

If DSS doesn’t share these health summary forms, follow up—they may contain important information needed to properly care for the child.

Blank copies of these forms can be found online at

Source: NC DSS, 2016a; 2016b