NC’s Statewide Foster Parent Association Has Restarted

Hello foster families and everyone who passionately serves our kids. We are proud to announce that we have started back up our statewide organization that provides training and support to each and every one of you. For those of you who have been involved for a while, we were formerly known as the NC Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (NCFAPA). Now we are called the Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina (FFA-NC). We have been working for almost two years to reform the organization. Based on meetings with the NC Division of Social Services as well as listening to what is going on throughout North Carolina, we have put together a business model in order to serve you.

Currently we employ an Executive Director and have a board that is eight members strong. This summer we have been going to different locations in the state and holding Community Café events to hear what your concerns are. Based on this we have set our objectives for the 2018-19 year and want to share them with you now.

Our 2018-19 Objectives

1. Business Development. FFA-NC will develop a business model and plan to create a sustainable organization. Goals this year are to develop our board and identify other funding opportunities to better serve our families.

2. Foster Parent Contact Information. FFA-NC will develop a comprehensive list of contact information of all foster parents in the state. The list will be used to help foster parents communicate with FFA-NC, each other, and the NC Division of Social Services.

3. Build Networks/Partnerships. FFA-NC will hold regional meetings across the state for the purpose of gathering together people/agencies providing resources to youth in foster care. During these meetings, networking will be facilitated by FFA-NC. A description of services offered by agencies will be accumulated and made available to foster families. FFA-NC’s goal is to connect agencies and resources to foster parents so as to build partnerships in serving youth in foster care.

4. Communication. FFA-NC will develop a communication plan to build its membership base and inform foster families of available resources and trainings.

5. Needs Assessment. FFA-NC will work with NC State University to conduct an ongoing needs assessment to determine how FFA-NC can expand across the state and provide targeted supports to foster families and existing support groups. Action items will be determined for the next fiscal year based on the needs identified.

We are very excited about the opportunities ahead of us and look forward to serving you. For more information, please see our website at and follow us on Facebook.

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FFA-NC’s Steering Committee

This group has been working for more than two years to reinstate NC’s statewide association. We are excited to serve each and every one of you. You may contact us at 800/578-7770 or via the email addresses below.

Maurita McCorkle, Executive Director, has been an NC foster parent for over 17 years. She has had over 70 youth in her home over the years. She adopted two teens in 2012 and she and her husband are in the process of adopting two young adults. They also provide housing for young adults, helping them transition to independent living. Maurita has been an accountant in corporate America for over 30 years. She has also helped multiple nonprofits set up, clean up, and standardize their accounting processes. Maurita has a great passion for foster care not only in our state, but in our nation as well. [email protected]

Dana Gracie, Board President, has 20 years’ experience in foster care, including positions in the areas of direct care, education, supervision, leadership, and staff development. Dana has provided training in the areas of behavioral management, crisis intervention, trauma’s effects on behavior, self-care, and the importance of building attachments. Dana is an adoptive mother to a sibling group of older boys from the child welfare system. She is passionate about her work with children and families and dedicated to the fulfillment of the Foster Family Alliance of NC. [email protected]

Kate Norwalk, Board Secretary, has worked for over 10 years with children and youth, from infancy to adolescence, in a variety of settings including group homes, inpatient mental health facilities, and the public school system. Kate is a professor in the Psychology Department at NC State University and also partners with NC State’s Center for Family and Community Engagement to develop training resources for foster parents of children and youth with developmental disabilities. [email protected]

Jim Barbee, Board Member, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in adoption, anxiety disorders, ADHD, mood disorders, parenting issues, PTSD, behavioral problems, anger management, family issues, marital/couples issues, trauma, child welfare, and military families. [email protected]

Joanne Scaturro, Board Member, is an MSW currently serving as a trainer with NC State University’s Center for Family and Community Engagement. Previously she was a trainer for the NC Department of Health and Human Services; a supervisor of the Parent/Family Involvement Unit of the Florida Department of Education; Senior Trainer with the Children and Families Professional Development Centre in Quincy, FL; Community Social Worker with the Severely Emotionally Disturbed Network; and Parent Specialist for Leon County (Florida) Schools. [email protected]

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FFA-NC Local Spotlight

Foster Village Charlotte, which was established by four area foster parents, knows how important it is to connect to other foster families who understand the ups and downs of the foster care system. They believe one of the best ways to help children is to support, stabilize, and strengthen the foster home they reside in.

Foster Village Charlotte’s areas of focus are advocate, equip, and connect. Building a village of support includes representing the needs and challenges of the current system and how it affects the foster families and children, delivering “welcome packs” consisting of brand new necessity items for emergency placements, and intentional connection both virtually and in-person with other foster families across all agencies serving Mecklenburg County long after the welcome packs have been delivered.

Foster Village Charlotte also believes in creating a bridge of hope between the community that desires to support foster care through volunteer opportunities, organization partnerships, and local business support. Learn more by visiting




The Triangle Foster Parent Association’s mission is to recruit new foster parents and nurture a community that retains our foster families in Durham, Wake, and Orange County. Sign up for the TFPA email newsletter at to learn more about monthly events and socials! Past monthly events have included presentations from a Guardian ad Litem, a social worker panel, and Duke Foster Care Clinic. Socials are often potlucks hosted at local foster families’ homes. It’s a great way to learn about the foster care system and meet other foster families!