Help us find families for these young people

Anthony (age 12)
Anthony is a loving, affectionate, funny, resilient young man. He likes reading, music, basketball, playing with Legos, and video games. Anthony loves school. His favorite subjects are geometry and reading. Teachers say he is well-liked and gets along well with others. Anthony deserves a family that provides consistency and structure and that is willing to give him the loving support he desires. Anthony would like the opportunity to participate in sports and family activities and to learn new things.

Desire and Kalliyah (age 15)
Twins Desire and Kalliyah are outgoing and athletic. They love the game of basketball. They want to play college sports and then pursue a professional sport when they are older. Desire and Kalliyah have expressed a strong desire to be adopted. They would benefit from a family willing to provide them with structure, unconditional acceptance, and love. They have a very strong bond and must be adopted together. It is also very important for the twins to maintain contact with their other siblings even after they are adopted.

Joshua (age 12)
Joshua is an energetic, charismatic, determined young man. He loves to listen to music, watch television, and play with his iPad and other electronics. His favorite outdoor activities are football and basketball. He has reservations about adoption but would thrive in a loving family that is patient, supportive, and enjoys being active. Joshua has made strides and would do best as the only child in his adoptive home. He does well in a structured environment where he can receive a lot of attention and love from his caregiver.

Juan (age 17) and Cruzito (age 16)
These young men are intelligent, creative, hardworking, friendly, and eager to please. They both enjoy family interaction and being around positive male role models. Juan and Cruzito enjoy being in their high school band, playing sports, church youth group activities, and going to the beach. Juan plans to attend college after he graduates and Cruzito plans to enlist in the military. Both are apprehensive about adoption and wish to remain in their current school district. They will benefit from a forever family that allows them to stay active in sports and participate in weekend outings.

Kirah (age 14)
Funny, positive, and sweet are words people use to describe Kirah. This young woman is helpful and thoughtful to those around her. She enjoys swimming, watching television, painting her nails, and listening to music. Kirah has expressed interest in becoming a doctor one day. She has performed well in school and has been a strong student. Kirah will benefit from being an only child in a two-parent family. Consistency, communication, commitment, and nurturing caregivers are essential to her success.

Victoria (age 16)
This young lady is smart, creative, imaginative, helpful, and bubbly. Victoria enjoys listening to music, eating pizza, and watching television. She wants to be loved and accepted by her peers and the adults in her life. She has stated that she would like to become a judge later in life. Victoria would benefit from parents that promote a nurturing environment, encouragement, and assurance. She will excel in a family that is understanding of her past, supportive, calm, patient, consistent, and that shows her the love she needs.

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