Help us find families for these children and youth

Skyon (age 7)
Skyon is an energetic and helpful little boy who loves nurturing attention. He is described as funny, empathetic, and active. He loves any outdoor activity, especially riding his bike, playing catch, playing basketball, and helping with yard work. He absolutely loves superheroes. Spiderman is his favorite. Skyon will do best in a two-parent family that includes both a mom and a dad where he is the youngest or only child. Skyon needs a lot of attention and high levels of structure and consistency to succeed.

Timere (age 10)
Meet Timere! This handsome little boy is affectionate, engaging, and curious. Timere often sports a bright smile and exudes a winning personality. Further described as a natural athlete, Timere loves to swim and play basketball and baseball. He also enjoys playing video games, riding his bike and reading books.

The ideal forever family for this little boy is a two-parent home with a strong, positive male role model. While Timere would do best as an only child, he could thrive as the youngest child in the right home. It is also important that the family for Timere is open and committed to allowing him to maintain birth family connections.

Nathan (age 11)
Nathan is a bubbly, sweet, kind, loving, friendly, compassionate, and helpful young man. He enjoys being social and interacting with others. His favorite activity is helping his foster mother in the kitchen with cooking and cleaning. Nathan enjoys being outside, fishing, playing with Legos, and making comic books.

Nathan thrives on consistency and structure and benefits from his foster mother’s calm voice, patience, and gentle nature. He will benefit from a loving environment that provides him with structure, routine, and support as he continues to grow.

Glenn (age 12)
Glenn is a kind, friendly, energetic child who likes to be a “helper.” He enjoys playing video games and sports. He was introduced to football and has excelled in the sport. He makes friends easily and interacts well with his peers. He is not shy about engaging others in conversation or play.

Regarding adoption, Glenn is happy and excited, having already expressed his desire to be adopted. He would like a family that allows him contact with his siblings and friends and play football, and that will help him pursue other interests he may develop.

Emilee (age 13)
Emilee is a sweet, kind, helpful child with a “spicy” personality. She is described by those who know her best as loving, respectful, unique, and resilient. She loves any creative outlet, including art, drama, pottery, cooking, and baking. She aspires to go to culinary school to be a pastry chef when she grows up. Emilee also loves animals, going to the beach, and playing chess or checkers.

Emilee’s family needs to have a comprehensive understanding of trauma and loss. She needs to feel heard and to have control over things that are appropriate for her age. Emilee will thrive in a family who can provide her with love, affection, security, and acceptance.

Dixie (age 13)
Dixie is a delightful, beautiful young lady with big dreams of having an adoptive home where she will have that wonderful sense of belonging and acceptance that comes with having a warm, nurturing family. This young lady has an easygoing personality and has no difficulty establishing friendships. Dixie is described by those that know her best as caring, funny, loving, and unique. Dixie is quite determined in her academics and maintains great grades.

An active, fun family would be beneficial for Dixie as she is lively, energetic, and full of enthusiasm for life. Her forever family should be able to meet her where she is emotionally and place effort into building a strong, secure bond with her in order for her to feel safe and loved.

Leah (age 17)
Leah is a vivacious and artistic child who has persevered through tremendous challenges. Leah shows great musical and artistic talent. You can always tell when Leah is having a good day because she will be singing. She also loves to play the guitar, draw, write, and do art and craft projects. Leah also likes sports and enjoys playing basketball.

Leah is a resilient and brave child who has recently warmed up to the idea of adoption. Her family will need to understand the importance of being patient and showering her with the love and support she needs to continue to thrive.


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