Supporting Successful Transitions (for Everyone!)

Have you heard the expression, “The only constant in life is change?” This phrase resonates with most people, but for children and youth in foster care it rings especially true.

For most kids, placement in care brings waves of change that can affect every dimension of their lives: their clothes and toys. How things smell. Where and with whom they live. When and what they eat. Where they go to school.

If they’re in care long, many also face placement changes on top of the typical developmental changes that are part of everyone’s growing up: losing (and gaining) teeth. Getting taller. Puberty.

Resource parents aren’t strangers to change, either. They’re there with the children as every new change comes rolling in, doing their utmost to buffer and comfort them and teach them the skills they need to navigate life’s transitions.

To support resource parents—and the children and youth they care so much about—this issue of Fostering Perspectives offers information, resources, and lessons learned about coping with and mastering transitions.

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