Get In-Service Training Credit for Reading this Newsletter!

Enjoy Fostering Perspectives and earn credit toward your relicensure. Just write down the answers to the questions below and present them to your licensing social worker. If your answers are satisfactory, you’ll receive 30 minutes of training credit. If you have questions about this method of gaining in-service training credit, ask your worker.

In-Service Quiz, FP v24, n1
  1. How many of his siblings did Tyson Robertson adopt?
  2. What are two questions Dr. Joseph Crumbley says kinship caregivers must ask themselves?
  3. Name one benefit licensed kinship caregivers receive that unlicensed caregivers do not.
  4. What advice does Emily have for social workers, kin, and foster parents?
  5. Describe two important differences between adoption and guardianship.
  6. Which of Gina Brown’s holiday tips for kinship caregivers resonates with you most?
  7. What was one struggle Shelia Wilson and her husband had as they transitioned from being grandparents to primary caregivers for their grandchildren?
  8. Name three potential resources for kinship caregivers looking after children who are not involved with child welfare.
  9. According to Kate Murray, what unique challenges do kinship caregivers face?
  10. How many vacant board positions does FFA-NC have right now, and who should you contact to learn more?

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