Foster Family Alliance of NC
Together we can!

The Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina would like to thank each and every one of you for all that you do for our families. We celebrate every victory that you and your children have overcome together.

As we announced in the last Fostering Perspectives, we are working with organizations throughout the state to host conferences. We are still discussing whether to have one large summit or hold mini-summits throughout the state. This is a great opportunity and we are looking for help.

This summit is geared toward families who are interested in fostering, current foster/adopt/kinship families, and any agency or person serving our foster community. We have an energy-packed day, guaranteed to ignite the fire in each person attending. Tracks offered at the summit will include:

Potential Foster Families. Geared toward families interested in fostering, this track is a great opportunity for agencies to send families who are interested or in the process of becoming licensed to get some training hours. We will have current families in the community as well as trainers talking about the process and answering questions.

Shared Parenting. Come hear about shared parenting and success stories of families who have worked together to reunify kids to their families.

Fostering Teens. We have partnered with LINKS and SaySo to have teens and current foster parents talk about fostering teenagers and current objectives in our state to help young adults transition from foster care.

Behavior/Trauma. Trainers from the community will help us understand your children’s behavior and provide tools to help you support your child. We will also hear from families who have faced challenges and learn how they helped their kids.

Navigating the System. Learn more on how to navigate various systems we, as foster parents, face. This training will include helping you understand your rights, as a foster parent, when it comes to navigating the legal system, school, and medical care.

Benefits for attending the summit include 6+ hours of training, all meals included, door prizes, awards, and a celebration banquet! We will also have agencies from your community, who serve you and your kids, as vendors with tables to get information, ask questions and connect for services. For more information, visit or call 800/578-7770.

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FFA-NC Board Members

Maurita McCorkle, Executive Director

Shane Lunsford, President

Pete Smith, Vice President

Ben Orndorf, Treasurer

Kate Norwalk, Secretary

Vacant, General Counsel

Vacant, Communications Director

Vacant, Region 1 Board Member

Vacant, Region 2 Board Member

Vacant, Region 3 Board Member

Gaile Osbourne, Region 4 Board Member

Vacant, Region 5 Board Member

Vacant, Region 6 Board Member

Vacant, Region 7 Board Member

Stephen Fletcher, Board Member

Joanne Scaturro, Advisory Board

Kimberlee Grier, Advisory Board

Alex Williams, Advisory Board

Robyn Kelly & Tanya Sloan, Advisory Board, Marketing and Communications

Interested in a board position? Please contact Maurita McCorkle ([email protected]).