A learning site for NC’s resource caregivers

The NC Division of Social Services is proud to offer, a learning site for our state’s foster and adoptive parents and kinship caregivers. This site features online courses, webinar recordings, videos and podcasts, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Free Online Courses Include

Grief: How Resource Parents Can Cope with and Learn from Loss. This 1-hour course explores common reactions to loss and offers effective strategies for working through grief. Features video interviews in which current and former resource families share their experiences of grief and healing.

Coming in July 2020 Guardianship, Pathway to Permanence. This 1-hour course provides resource parents with the information they need to understand guardianship in North Carolina and assess what it would mean for their family and for a child or youth in their care.

Foster parents are encouraged to talk in advance to their supervising agency about obtaining training credit through

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