Enjoy Fostering Perspectives and earn credit toward your relicensure. Just write down the answers to the questions below and present them to your licensing social worker. If your answers are satisfactory, you’ll receive 30 minutes of training credit. If you have questions about this method of gaining in-service training credit, ask your worker.

In-Service Quiz, FP v24, n2
  1. How can resource parents can keep children connected with their families, even when face-to-face visits aren’t possible?
  2. What words would you use (or have you used) to explain shared parenting to a child or youth in your care?
  3. What are Children’s Home Society and Guilford County doing to establish effective partnerships between foster and birth parents?
  4. Name three of Amy Huntsman’s suggestions for doing shared parenting when there’s a concern about safety.
  5. What do the stories of Anna, Cora, and Delilah say to you about shared parenting past the age of 18?
  6. Foster care alumni offer a variety of advice about shared parenting in this issue. Which of their suggestions struck you most?
  7. Who is eligible to participate in the Foster Care 18 to 21 program? What are the benefits of this program?
  8. What are the three stages of birth parent grief Donna Foster talks about in her article?
  9. Corey Best talks about how important it is to share power with birth parents. What does this mean to you as a resource parent?
  10. Which young person described in this issue enjoys Beyblades?

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