Enjoy Fostering Perspectives and earn credit toward your relicensure. Just write down the answers to the questions below and present them to your licensing social worker. If your answers are satisfactory, you’ll receive 30 minutes of training credit. If you have questions about this method of gaining in-service training credit, ask your worker.

In-Service Quiz, FP v25, n1
  1. On what website can you take the free online course “Guardianship, Pathway to Permanence”?
  2. Name three things resource parents can do to build the protective factor of social connections during the pandemic.
  3. What do the five letters in the acronym SCOOP stand for?
  4. Name two of LeAnn McKoy’s suggestions for managing the approaching holidays.
  5. Do you agree with Amy Huntsman’s take on telehealth? Why or why not?
  6. Name six of the creative methods GAL volunteers have used to connect with child-clients since the arrival of COVID-19.
  7. What has the NC DHHS done to ensure licensing of foster homes could continue during the pandemic?
  8. Name the six resources especially relevant to the pandemic that NC LINKS youth should know about.
  9. According to Glenda Clare, what are some common challenges faced by kinship caregivers during the pandemic?
  10. Name at least four things parents can do to support children’s emotional well-being during the pandemic.

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