Help us find families for these children and youth

Jade (age 12)
Jade is a charming, bright, and bubbly young girl. She is very affectionate and loves to give hugs. Her resiliency, loving spirit, friendliness, and energy are what make her unforgettable! She loves playing with her Barbies and making crafts. Jade is truly a survivor with a heart desire to have a family while maintaining contact with her older brother. It is extremely important that her adoptive family be committed to maintaining ongoing family contact as frequently as possible. The agency is requesting a family that is willing to provide Jade with the attention, affection, and supervision she needs to thrive and blossom!

Jazmine (age 14)
Jazmine is a creative, loving, and social teenager! She is always willing to try new things and develop new skills. She is currently learning how to ride dirt bikes competitively and is engaged in a leadership group on her campus. She loves to listen to music, dance, sing, draw, and write poetry. Her agency is seeking a loving and open-minded forever family that is willing to provide Jazmine with the love and support she deserves.

Nicholas (age 17)
Nicholas is an inquisitive, energetic, and observant young man who likes watching action movies, baseball games, and playing electronics. He enjoys science and being outdoors, especially nature walks and going to the beach or lake. Nicholas is very funny, resourceful, and values his family, especially his sister, uncle, and aunt. He prefers a two-parent home with a mother and a father that will set aside quality time to make memories with him and provide him with the opportunity to grow and excel!

Tiquana (age 17)
Tiquana is a dynamic teen who is frequently described as helpful, observant, funny, and insightful. One of her teachers shared, “She is pleasant, personable, and good conversationalist.” She has a bright smile that lights up the room and she is great company with her sense of humor. Tiquana is a well-rounded young lady who has an array of interests. She enjoys physical activities, such as basketball, volleyball, and swimming. Hobbies and activities such as doing hair, shopping, and playing board games pique Tiquana’s interest as well.

Brent (age 11) and Bentley (age 8)
Meet this adorable sibling group of two boys, Brent and Bentley. This pair will add delight and amusement to any family! These boys love to laugh and have a good time. These two are an active duo full of energy! Both love to play with their video games, Legos, and electronics. Brent and Bentley have a strong bond and would love to be in a forever home together. The forever family for the boys should be able to provide a guided environment where the boys can explore, be active, and develop emotionally and developmentally. They will bring so much love, laughter, and happiness to the family unit.

Jeremiah (age 14) and Jayden (age 13)
Jeremiah and his younger brother Jayden are an extraordinary duo seeking their forever family together. Jeremiah is described as artistic, helpful, and patient. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh. Jayden is a handsome young gentleman who has big dimples and big brown eyes. He has a big heart and is lovable. He is described by those around him as smart, charismatic, and independent. Jayden is thoughtful and often thinks of others. Their lives would be enriched by a family committed to providing them with unconditional love, guidance, and structure. These brothers are family-oriented and desire to be in a family unit together, sharing life experiences. Jeremiah and Jayden would benefit beyond measure from achieving permanence!


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