Is this Normal? Navigating the Sometimes Surprising Developmental Transitions of Children and Youth

by Kelly Sullivan • Human development is phenomenal. We enter this world completely reliant on others for survival, yet eventually we become self-reliant. This is not a smooth process. Instead, development is often a bumpy road with nail-biting detours that can give caregivers gray hair. Developmental transitions for children and youth in foster care can be even more erratic due

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Reflections on Promoting Independence
An Interview with Resource Parents Tony and Wanda Douglas

Youth in foster care face unique challenges as they transition to adulthood. To learn more about what it takes to support youth during this critical time, we spoke with North Carolina foster parents Tony and Wanda Douglas. In their 17 years as foster parents, the Douglases have fostered over 100 children and adopted four. They also train foster parents on

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Improving NC’s Child Welfare System
Update on the Family and Child Protection and Accountability Act (HB 630)

House Bill 630 (S.L. 2017-41) is strengthening NC’s social service system Known as Rylan’s Law, the Family and Child Protection and Accountability Act will serve as the foundation for changes in how the North Carolina Division of Social Services (NC DSS) and the 100 county department of social services offices serve children and families. We are committed to keeping our

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Building resiliencies in teens
Reflections from a foster care alumna

by Angela Quijada • Resilience, to me, is the ability to constantly and quickly bounce back in any situation that exerts physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual stress. All of us are born with some resilience. Some people build most of theirs as they grow. They have both a genetic connection to resilience and life experiences that give them an opportunity

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