Help us find families for these children and youth

Alexis (age 14)
There is something that attracts others to be around this beautiful young lady. It may be her engaging personality or that stunning smile. Alexis is a pleasure to be around and she never meets a stranger. Alexis dreams of joining a family she will be able to connect with, that will love her unconditionally, and provide her with opportunity to grow and develop as a person. This young lady has a strong capacity to love and she would love nothing more than to share this love with her forever family. Alexis is a healthy teenager who enjoys being around others. She loves singing, shopping, and reading a book that will captivate her attention.

Alexis desires a family where she will be able to feel safe and secure. Alexis needs a family she can depend on to be there no matter the circumstances. She would flourish in a family who is committed, provides structure, and is supportive in her achieving her goals. Her forever family will need to understand and accept her birth family connections.

Connor (age 12)
Connor is described as a happy, energetic, caring, curious, diligent young man. He enjoys baseball, playing Legos, and Minecraft video games. Connor’s favorite outdoor activities are hiking, fishing, camping, and swimming. He is very knowledgeable of animals and one of his favorite hobbies is catching lizards and caring for them. Connor’s dream career is to care for animals.

Those who know Connor say he will be open to adoption when he feels he can trust the adults in his new home. He will blossom in a family that provides him with a loving and structured environment.

Dakota (age 12)
Dakota is a handsome young man often described by others as caring, energetic, and creative. He has a warm, bright smile that lights up the room. He loves to talk and engage in conversation. Dakota relishes in being the center of attention. He has a sense of humor and tends to be the comedian of the group. Dakota loves to be affectionate and appreciates when his affection is reciprocated. Dakota enjoys an array of activities, such as basketball, video games, swimming, climbing, and being outdoors. He would love nothing more than a family who is willing and able to share in fun activities.

Dakota has shared his dreams of a forever family. He simply wants to know he is loved and treasured as an individual and part of a family unit. Dakota does desire a two-parent home and is open to other children in the home. His forever family will need to support and encourage Dakota’s family bonds.

Yesica (age 12)
Yesica is spunky and full of love! This adorable little girl would make the perfect addition to the right forever family. She is described by those who know her best as a friendly, talkative young girl with a bright smile. Curious by nature, she will ask questions to satisfy her curiosity. Full of youthful vibrance, she loves to be playful and engage with those around her. She loves to dance and listen to music.

This beautiful, lively little girl deserves all the love, stability, and permanence a forever family offers. Yesica has shared she wants a family who will accept her into their home, hearts, and family unit. She will blossom in the right family and will bring an abundance of love, laughter, and joy to the family dynamics.

Alicia (age 15) and Asia (age 13)
Alicia and Asia are two tightly bonded sisters who are seeking their forever family, a family who will love them unconditionally. Alicia is the older of these two young ladies. As many young teens her age, Alicia takes great pride in her appearance and loves to shop and venture out to the movies and sports. Described as outgoing and intelligent, Alicia is comfortable advocating for herself.

Asia is the artistic one. She loves to draw and sing. She is an avid reader and has been described as a gifted writer. Like her sister, Asia enjoys sports. She wants to be active in football, soccer, and basketball. Asia is depicted as a “smart girl who is very capable of making As and Bs” when she applies herself to her assignments. Asia has the goal of one day attending Harvard University.

Alicia and Asia deserve the love and devotion of a forever family. Their forever family should be committed, loving, and patient. Alicia and Asia deserve a family that will meet them where they are and encourage them with unconditional commitment, patience, and understanding..


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