Connections matter during the transition to adulthood

by Amy Huntsman • I have seen too many young people leave foster care without a trusted adult to help guide them. Sometimes they’ve spent years in group homes with no consistent caregiver. For some, the court and child welfare system has not allowed them to have an ongoing relationship with their family. For others, their trauma hinders them from

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COVID’s Impact on the Transition to Adulthood

by Jonathan Rockoff • Youth coming out of foster care face many challenges as they transition into adulthood. That’s in normal times. Has the uncertainty of COVID added to the difficulty of this transition? To learn about COVID’s impact on youth transitioning from foster care to independence, I reached out to Michelle Blackmon, Program Coordinator at Fostering Bright Futures. Based

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Pandemic Struggles and Lessons of Foster Care Alumni

by Shanita Dildy-Goings • Every generation has their challenges, their life altering events and lessons learned. Every lifetime comes fraught with trials and tribulations that seem insurmountable at first, unforgiving at best, and at times without end. Somehow though, time after time we manage to pull through and come out stronger, wiser, and more prepared for the next game changer.

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NC’s Foster Care 18 to 21 Program

This program allows youth to stay in foster care until age 21. Services and benefits include Medicaid coverage and educational grants/scholarships for attending a NC public community college or university. Other program benefits include: Placement in a home approved by the county child welfare agency. The only ineligible living situations are being incarcerated or living with the person DSS removed

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Free Online Courses for Resource Parents

The NC Division of Social Services is proud to offer, a learning site for our state’s resource parents. This site features online courses, webinar recordings, videos and podcasts, and answers to frequently asked questions. Free courses include: Supporting the Transition into Adulthood. This 1-hour course teaches strategies resource parents can use—including North Carolina’s LINKS goals and Transitional Living Plan—to

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Resources for Postsecondary Education

NC Reach NC Reach is a state-funded scholarship offered to qualified applicants for up to 4 years of undergraduate study at NC public colleges and universities. Funding is awarded after other public funds and scholarships have been applied. NC Reach provides comprehensive student support, including mentors, care packages, and internships. For eligibility and other information about NC Reach, visit

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Fostering Wellness
A Program to Promote Health and Success for NC Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

In fall 2016 an exciting new project launched in the Triangle that promises to provide opportunities for young people transitioning out of foster care to improve their employment skills, to live healthier lives, and to become strong community-wide advocates for healthier living. This unique project, Fostering Wellness, focuses on the local food system as the vehicle to create these new

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