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Natalie (age 12)

Natalie is an outgoing young lady who is inquisitive, funny, persistent, and artistic. She loves fashion and jewelry. Natalie likes playing volleyball, swimming, horseback riding, and she loves animals. She dreams of becoming a doctor, model, artist, or veterinarian. Natalie’s favorite musical artists are Taylor Swift and New Direction. Natalie also likes to watch Monster High and other cartoons.

Natalie longs for a forever family that will love her no matter what. She has said that she wants a family that “won’t give me away when I do one thing wrong.” Natalie will do well in a family with a strong mother figure. A forever family for Natalie must be willing to provide her with unconditional love, clear boundaries, and a high level of stability and structure.

Jamale (age 14)

Jamale is an affectionate young man with a good sense of humor. He thrives on verbal encouragement and joking around. Jamale enjoys playing basketball, football, and computer and handheld games. He loves music, especially rap and R&B. Jamale loves Spiderman and enjoys reading, listening to music, and going to church. He would like to be a police officer.

Jamale’s forever family should be strong advocates for him in the school and community. A family who has experience parenting children with special needs will be ideal. Jamale’s adoptive family will need to have reasonable expectations of him due to his specific needs. Jamale very much wants to be adopted like his younger siblings and looks forward to a forever family of his very own.

Josh (age 9)

Josh is a sweet, energetic child who likes to give hugs. He loves helping others and is eager to please. Josh enjoys playing outside, jumping on the trampoline, fishing, and hunting. Josh loves animals. He is most successful in a structured classroom environment.

It is imperative that Josh’s forever family be willing to actively participate in the therapeutic process he is currently engaged in. Josh will benefit from a family with a considerable and active support system. His ideal family will need to be calm and able to receive additional training regarding how to best manage his behaviors. His forever family will need to be committed to loving him unconditionally through childhood and into adulthood. Josh is a kind and sweet child who will thrive in a home where he can receive structure, patience, and unconditional love!

Josue (age 13)

Josue is a handsome young man who finds a special place in the hearts of all who meet him. Some activities that bring Josue the most joy are being read to, listening to music, and going for long walks, especially in the springtime. Though Josue is legally blind, after visiting with him a couple of times, he is able to sense your presence and he will light up when he recognizes those speaking to him. Josue is nonverbal, non-ambulatory, and requires daily care for his basic needs. Josue receives educational and wraparound services through the medical facility where he currently resides.

Josue’s forever family should have experience with medically fragile children and those who have multiple disabilities. Although his medical diagnosis may prevent him being able to reside in his forever family’s physical home, Josue needs a forever family to provide unconditional love and support, as well as ongoing advocacy to ensure his needs are always met. “Although Josue cannot speak to you, his beautiful spirit will warm your heart.”

Abigail (age 10), Brannon (age 8), and Brandy (age 8)

Abigail, Brannon, and Brandy are happy, loving, and affectionate children with sweet and joyful smiles.

Abigail is active in Girl Scouts and she likes playing with Barbie dolls. Her favorite place to go on vacation is Great Wolf Lodge.

Brannon and Brandy are twins. Brannon enjoys playing outside and playing games on his tablet. Brandy loves playing dress up, playing outside, and playing with dolls. A favorite activity for the twins is singing in their church choir.

These three children all experience some level of intellectual disability. They need a loving and patient family who can provide them with structure and ongoing support throughout their lives. They thrive on attention and will bring great joy to a special family.

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For more information on these children or adoption in general, call the
NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network at 1-877-NCKIDS-1,