Help us find families for these children and youth

Bradleigh (age 9)

Bradleigh is spunky and full of energy! This adorable little girl would make the perfect addition to the right forever family. Bradleigh is described by those who know her best as caring, helpful, creative, and artistic. She loves to draw and read books. Bradleigh enjoys figuring puzzles out and making them whole. She enjoys being active, especially riding her bike, playing kickball, and swimming. One of Bradleigh’s teachers shared, “Bradleigh is sweet and has a lot of potential.”

Bradleigh deserves all the love, stability, and permanence that a forever family offers. Her forever family should be able to demonstrate the ability to be caring, kind, and genuine. The family for Bradleigh should also be capable of providing her with loving guidance and allow her to be active and exploratory. Bradleigh will blossom in the right family and will bring an abundance of love, laughter, and joy to the family dynamics.

LaDuffy (age 12)

LaDuffy is a very affectionate, active, and playful little boy. He enjoys time outside; kicking balls, running, riding his bike, and playing basketball. He has even participated in the Special Olympics. One of LaDuffy’s favorite places to visit is the playground. LaDuffy also loves all types of music. His favorite television show is SpongeBob. It has been shared, LaDuffy “is funny and often a joy to be around.”

LaDuffy deserves all the love and stability that a committed forever family offers. His family will require patience and must be strong advocates for LaDuffy to ensure his needs are properly met. LaDuffy’s forever family will need to provide him with structure, highlighted with love and affection. The forever family for LaDuffy should be open and committed to allowing him to remain connected to his siblings.

Wyatt (age 14)

Wyatt is a quirky, intelligent, caring and hopeful young man, who advocates well for himself. He enjoys playing with electronics and his globe. His hobbies include things associated with robotics, space, and video games. His favorite school subjects are social studies, science, and robotics. Wyatt’s enjoyment of science has influenced his passion and desire to become a solar engineer.

Wyatt’s foster mother states that he is well mannered and will benefit from the guidance of a loving family with a willingness to provide structure, patience, and encouragement. He will benefit from a family that will love him unconditionally and provide him with understanding and encouragement as he continues to develop and grow.

Xavier (age 16)

Xavier is a humorous, considerate, and all-around great young man. He likes to play basketball and go camping. He has recently found interest in going to the gym and working out. Xavier enjoys math and attending drama club. He excels in school and is currently at the top of his class. He makes the A Honor Roll while taking AP and Honors classes. He prides himself on doing very well in school and being the best he can be academically. Xavier would love to play in the NBA and aspires to be an athletic trainer.

Xavier has requested a family with an active lifestyle and interest in sports. The agency is requesting a loving adoptive home that has a strong male role model. The prospective family will need a love and desire to support him academically as he continues to excel and to support ongoing contact with his sister.

Sophie, Hailey, and Darrow (ages 10, 13, and 8)

Hailey and her two younger siblings, Sophie and Darrow, are seeking a family to call their own.

Hailey is a sweet young lady whose smile will light up a room. Hailey is tremendously advanced in academics and interpersonal relationships. She is a protector and cares deeply for her two younger siblings. She loves to laugh, hang with her friends, get her nails done, and spend time on her phone. She is intelligent, observant, creative, and loves to help others. Hailey has mentioned a desire to enlist in the military when she is older.

Sophie is an adorable girl with big brown eyes and long flowing hair. She has a contagious laugh. She is extremely intelligent and will go very far in life. Energetic, sweet, and caring, Sophie is blossoming into her own personality. Her easygoing, funny personality allows her to connect with everyone she meets. Sophie is artistic, loves to draw, and has a passion for photography.

Darrow is the youngest of the trio. He’s described by those that know him best as an energetic, curious, sweet, intelligent, playful little guy. He loves to be silly and enjoys entertaining those in his company. “Darrow is a loving child with a big heart. He cares deeply for those around him.” Darrow likes to be active and engage in activities such as soccer and basketball. Darrow also enjoys drones, Beyblades, and Nerf guns.

This awesome sibling group dreams of having a loving family who is just as active and engaging as they are. The three want to be adopted and belong to a family together. The trio would greatly benefit from loving parents who consistently promote a nurturing environment that is accentuated by guidance, structure, and reassurance. The children want a family who will support and encourage birth family connections.


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