Vol. 8, No. 1• November 2003


Letters from Foster Care
Some Lessons Only Children Can Teach Us
Feelings and the Future
N.C. Foster Parents Association News
Join the N.C. Foster Parents Association
NCFPA Has New Contact Information
Conference Ignites Family Spirit

Periodicals for Foster and Adoptive Parents

A Reader Asks . . .
The Stumbo Ruling and CPS Investigations in North Carolina
The Power of Shared Parenting
In Brief: North Carolina's Multiple Response System
Thoughts on Faith and Foster Care

Letting Go the First Time

SaySo: Changing the Profile of Foster Youth
North Carolina Woman Named "Youth of the Year"
Foster Parents as MAPP/GPS Trainers


Thinking of Caring for a Child with Special Needs?
Nationally, Foster Parents and Relatives Adopt the Majority of Children with Special Needs
Get Your Kids First License Plate Today!
More than 600 North Carolina Children Await Adoption
How to Help At-Risk Students Survive Middle School
Therapeutic Foster Parents: Guarding the Future One Spirit at a Time
Planting Forever Seeds
Writing Contest

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